Mesquite, NV-

On Thursday evening, March 24th, the Mesquite Police Department celebrated all of its police volunteers giving them a night of honors, awards, and recognition. A dinner followed by awards presented by MPD Chief MaQuade Chesley and Mesquite Mayor Al Litman. Several other City leaders were present including City Councilman George Gault who will be retiring from the City Council this year after his time limit is up as City Councilman.

The MPD participates in the Presidential Volunteer Service Award program to commemorate and recognize how many hours each volunteer contributes annually.

This year 14 volunteers earned the bronze award (100-249 service hours), 6 earned the silver award (250-500 service hours), and 2 earned the gold award (500+ service hours).

Four of the MPD volunteers also earned the lifetime achievement award- that’s over 4,000 hours of service each!!!

The biggest award went to Mike Robertson who was named Volunteer of the Year for 2021.
Thank you to Volunteer Coordinator Jean Battaglia for putting together such a wonderful evening and everything else she does for the department. The MPD also wanted to thank all of the city council members and leadership that joined in supporting these amazing people.
Congratulations to Mike Robertson and on behalf of the Virgin River Times, we give thanks to all of the MPD Volunteers and their service to this wonderful community.
Mike Robertson was awarded as the MPD Volunteer of the Year for 2021. (Photo courtesy of MPD)

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