Mesquite, NV / Beaver Dam, AZ-

I-15 is fully stopped and crawling at a turtle’s pace as both Northbound and Southbound are backed up due to the construction on both the North and South sides of Mesquite. Multiple people stuck in it have reported to us that it is not worth it to travel right now. Expect 2-4 hour delays if going either way.

Southbound has been a constant problem throughout the weekend since Thursday afternoon. Northbound started clogging up about noon.

Beaver Dam I-15 construction is scheduled to last until 2024. The on-ramp northbound from Beaver Dam is closed off. Must go backway on Old 91 Hwy/Old Dixie Hwy through Ivins and Santa Clara to get to St. George. That route is already backing up with lines of cars and found to be slow progress to St. George.

The project is listed as the Virgin River Bridge Project and is located on Interstate 15 Virgin River Bridge No. 1 right by the exit for Beaver Dam and Littlefield and is between mileposts 8 and 9. The work zone is about one mile long and entails crews replacing the existing five-span, steel girder bridge with a new three-span steel girder bridge. Other construction work to be done will include removing slabs, milling and repaving both sides of the bridge, and installing new guardrails, pavement markings, and signage, amongst other work.

There is an app for people that keeps up-to-date news on app stores called “Virgin River Bridge”. Free to download and use and created by ADOT.

All oversized loads wider than 10 feet or weighing more than 64 tons must use the 224-mile detour route. This detour route goes the back way from Cedar City on UT State Route 56 which turns into NV SR 319 through Panaca and Caliente over to US Highway 93 into Las Vegas… and vice-versa if going North.

NDOT has released very little information about the Interstate 15 Construction on the south side of Mesquite. The project is involved with new intel wiring and a conduit being put in that will provide fiber optics that can provide for better signage, traffic warnings, cameras, and more. The construction is slighted to be from just north of Logandale/Overton exit (93) to all the way to Mesquite, so expect more construction on top of the Mormon Mesa straightway. The repairs will also consist of fixes to bridges, replacement of guardrails with heavier barriers that will have more endurance and last longer, and more.

Still, only work crews have been spotted a very few times, even though it is discovered that construction companies get paid the minute they put cones out whether work is being done or not. According to a release from NDOT, the work week is 4 days and not on weekends. The southbound is expected to be done by Mid-May through early June, according to NDOT. But the construction will resume on the Northbound at that time. Due to the incline of the hill up to the top of the mesa by the milepost 18 Bunkerville Exit, expect major congestion and long waits. The Riverside Road from Mesquite through Bunkerville to the milepost 118 on-ramp is also congested and at times has gone back all the way past Bunkerville entry.

Once again expect major traffic problems and please all drivers be careful and drive the posted speeds.

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