This was an email sent to the Virgin River Times to the Editor concerning the article “Road on Private Property Being Blocked Off Again.” It is “word from word” and exactly how it was written and sent to the Virgin River Times.
To whom it may concern,
The article written by Mr. Nick yoshiyama  regarding a property purchased by Gregg Bodine on a delinquent tax sale is not at all accurate. For starters the property in question is not an old Pioneer road it is on the corner of Joshua Tree and Nogales.  Bodine recently purchased the property which is in fact the only access to access to over 20 homes which residents have been using since the flood of 2010 . In other words eminent domain should have been in effect since the county never repaired the road.. Mr. Bodine blocked said road and emergency services was unable to get a man in a wheelchair on oxygen Mr. Bodine would not let the ambulance through.. This property should never have been sold in the 1st place because it is in a flood zone . Mr. Nick yashiyama should have actually done a bit of research before writing and printing such a defamatory article.
Please write a retraction to reflect the truth rather than writing a one sided article base on false information and lies.
Thank you



*Editorial Response: The article “Road on Private Property Being Blocked Off Again” was written after talking to the private property owner about the situation in Beaver Dam. We presented his side as means to present the information that he sees concerning the property and give the residents a notice that he is planning on blocking the roadway again. This way the residents have some time to start working out a solution that will work. In the article, we mentioned several times that the statements are according to Gregg Bodine, the current trustee of the forgotten man trust.

As for retraction, we will not retract the article as it helps present more information about the issue and the people of Beaver Dam/Littlefield need to be aware of the situation. This is a serious issue and needs to be known. We also presented another article “Residents Access Blocked in Beaver Dam, AZ” which presented information from interviews with residents of Beaver Dam and the other side. At the Virgin River Times, we are more than happy to interview anyone concerning the matter and present “their side” of this issue. 

Evidently, the property was sold by Edward Lindley, Jr to the trust which Gregg Bodine is the current trustee. Bodine is the official current trustee of the forgotten man trust which owns the property. Concerning Eminent Domain, the definition according to real estate of “eminent domain” refers to the process by which the government may seize private property with proper compensation, but without the owner’s consent.

At the moment there has not been any eminent domain issued regarding the property, according to public records. Flood zone property can be sold but certain structures cannot be built on it according to law. We have contacted the Mohave County Attorney’s Office and have not received any contact back yet. As soon as we do, we will report what the Attorney’s Office reports back to us.

-Editorial Response was written by Nick Yamashita, Manager and Chief Editor, The Virgin River Times


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