UPDATE, @ 7:00 pm: Traffic is a mess on I-15 with a UPS semi losing its trailer on the Beaver Dam Bridge blocking off traffic. Expect major delays until cleared.

Both NB and SB clogged amd not moving much.

All lanes not moving on both SB and NB in the gorge. (photo: Cheryl Kirking)

Mesquite, NV-

Traffic backing up already in I-15 in both directions. As of an hour ago, the Beaver Dam Construction project was causing problems on slow traffic headed NB I-15. Those headed to St. George or Utah expect 30 minutes-1 hr delay.

Southbound just started getting clogged and is expected to be bad After 3 pm. Expect traffic delays today and throughout weekend. 1-3 hour delays expected.

Beaver Dam I-15 construction is scheduled to last until 2024.

I-15 construction from mm 112 until Mesquite expected to be until beginning of 2023. Also, at about mm 103-107 on NB will be closed to one lane at certain hours. Lately its been during night hours.

Once again expect major traffic problems and please all drivers be careful and drive the posted speeds.

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