Beaver Dam/Littlefield, AZ

A road that goes onto private property will be blocked off again according to the property owner, Gregg Bodine. The Old Pioneer Road ends at the property line and originally had gone around the private property. However, due to a flash flood that had occurred, the original roadway had been washed out. Mohave County never fixed the original road so local residents created a roadway through the private property to allow access to the other 20+ private properties.

The road onto the private property was blocked off due to several of the owners of the property with limited access being disrespectful to the private property and its owner back during last year, in late 2021. This access road being blocked caused some issues with schooling transportation and more. The owner, Bodine, stated he was willing to work with the community but he had a few mandates he requested that were reasonable since it would be in respect to the property.

Concrete Blocks that had been blocking the road onto private property back in 2021 due to vandalism of property by a few other property owners. (Photo: Brenda Hankla)

After some work and in regards to trying to show he was trying to work with the community, Bodine worked it out and let Mohave County reopen the roadway onto his property on February 22, 2022. He did so in “good faith” to help out the community. However, almost immediately the disrespect to his property started up again. As before from mainly one person, according to Gregg Bodine.

Bodine released a statement this morning.

“Please notify the people of Beaver Dam at the end of Old Pioneer Road, their right of way is being held up by Richard Kipp, and possibly some of the other property owners adjoining the right of way there. And furthermore, the owner of the property is in process of digging in a barrier on his property since some of them have decided to be so disrespectful. They will never be able to go across that private property again. If any questions or concerns are to be sent to Mohave County Attorney’s office attorney Ryan Esplin.”

Bodine stated the primary person who has been a constant problem with disrespect and is the main reason for the access to the housing being blocked off is Richard Kipp.

“All he had to do was be proper and respectful which he has refused to do in both words and action,” stated Bodine.

The county attorney Ryan Esplin is aware of the situation and is aware of those who are involved with the disrespect and vandalism of the private property. The main Mohave County Attorney is Matthew Smith. Concerned residents may contact them for further information by phone at 928-753-0719, by email which is located on their website located at, or may visit the office located at 315 N. 4th Street in Kingman, AZ.


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2 thoughts on “Road on Private Property Being Blocked Off Again

  1. Richard Kipp……too bad one person ruined it for everyone. However, there’s an easy solution. Residents can simply use the original road now that the flood waters have receded.

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