VVES, Mesquite, NV-

Although it was a short week for Virgin Valley Elementary school, it was a very busy one.  Students and staff started the week on Tuesday and it wasn’t just any Tuesday.  It was February 22, 2022. Abbreviated it reads 2/22/22 which makes it a palindrome.  Palindromes can be read the same backward and forward. Because the date is made up of all twos, everyone in the world, no matter how they write their dates, month-day-year, day-month-year, wrote the same thing.

The day had been unofficially coined “Twosday” and VVES took the opportunity to recognize this unique event with a dance break at 2:22 pm on 2/22/22. The staff and students gathered on the playground and danced to the Cupid Shuffle.  Staff and students were also encouraged to wear tutus or t-shirts to commemorate the day. The students and staff of VVES sure do have some great dance moves.

On Friday morning students participated in the Skipper of the School competition.  Third through fifth grade participated in this activity but many classes come outside to show their support and cheer them on. Students that previously qualified during PE as a skipper went head to head with others in their grade level.  All of the students that participated showed good sportsmanship.  When they ran out of gas, they sat down and cheered their fellow students on. The winners are 5th grade: Maycee Harris, 4th grade: Hailey Spilker, and 3rd grade: Taylor Delano.

Another big event for Virgin Valley Elementary was the celebration of beating the school fundraising goal for the American Heart Association Kid’s Heart Challenge.  129 students registered and helped raise money which benefits the fight against heart disease and stroke. The school goal was $4000 but the students crushed it and raised $7155.23.  The students that completed Finn’s mission, which included accepting and finishing 10 secret missions, had the privilege of pouring slime on their PE teacher, Mrs. Dehner, the PE aid, Mrs. Kennedy, and the Vice-Principal, Ms. Solis.

VVES would like to send out a big thank you to all of the volunteers, parents, staff, and students who made this such a great week.

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