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The City of Mesquite through City Clerk Tracy Beck announced on Friday, March 18, 2022, that the filing for the candidacy of city positions up for election this year was officially closed at 5:00 pm.

Earlier at the very beginning of the month, Beck announced three positions open for elections this year with all three being City Council seats.

The three seats for the City Council available this year are:

Seat #1 – Sandra Ramaker (Incumbent)

City Council Seat #1 Incumbent -Sandra Ramaker

Seat #3 – George Gault (Incumbent)

City Council Seat #3 Incumbent – George Gault

Seat #4 – Karen Dutkowski (Incumbent)

City Council Seat #4 Incumbent – Karen Dutkowski

For Seat #1, Sandra Ramaker reapplied for candidacy to run again for the position she has filled faithfully for the last four years. At about 4:00 pm on March 16th, Ramaker announced she had reapplied on social media.

City Councilwoman Sandra Ramaker is shown after reapplying for City Council Candidacy last week (Photo: FB Profile)

Only one other person filed for candidacy for this position. Real estate mogul Karen Fielding is running again for the city council. She has not been able to win in the past couple of elections that she has run. She ran in 2018 when Annie Black won Mesquite City Council Seat #4. She then ran again in 2020, but current City Councilman Wes Boger won City Council Seat #5.

For Seat #3, George Gault officially retired and did not reapply for candidacy this year. The seat will be open to a new City Councilperson. Three people have applied for the seat: Debra Salo, Pattie Gallo, and Joey Bowler.

There is not much about Debra Salo. However, Pattie Gallo has been pretty active within the community and is known for doing outstanding service and volunteer work, especially with the Animal Shelter. Joey Bowler is one of the local legends as he has worked with the local youth for years and just won the state championship as the coach of the Virgin Valley High School Girls Flag Football team. No matter what Seat #3 will see a new face for the City Council.

Seat #4 has Karent Dutkowski running again for the position that she has fulfilled really well in the last four years. She will be running against three other candidates; Paul Wanlass, Kim Walters, and Cathy Schiring.

Paul Wanless is a realtor and realty consultant but has been very active within the community for service. He has been consistent with community service his whole life. Kim Walters is best known for her work for Veterans, especially with the Wounded Warrior Project and local vets. She has been active in community service as well. Cathy Schiring does not have a lot of information about her.

All prospective candidates had to have been a resident of Mesquite for one year; have a valid ID and had paid the $25.00 filing fee. More information about each candidate will be released as the elections get closer.
For more information contact the City Clerk’s Office within City Hall during business hours in person, by phone: (702) 346-5295, or by visiting their website located at
For more information about the city elections, visit for updated information.

2 thoughts on “Mesquite City Council Candidates are Set

  1. I think Karen Fielding better give it up. She doesn’t seem to be getting the message. Besides, Sandra has done a good job while on the council. Karen Dutokowski has also done a good job and should be re-elected. We certainly don’t need another real estate salesman on the council. Sorry Paul.

    1. Annie Black is in real estate and has done a great job. So, I don’t think we should rule someone out bc they have a real estate background. Paul has a lot of experience also with water conservation so I’m thinking he might be a good choice with our water issues here in the desert. I also liked what Patti had to say. I’m not impressed with the incumbent bc I feel strongly that something should have been done to refurbish Mesquite Boulevard. Condemnation is always an option for those businesses that don’t want to sell.

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