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The Constitutional Conservatives Candidates for several positions within both Nevada and Federal government positions will be available at a “Town Hall” meeting on Saturday, March 19th in Logandale, NV to meet and answer questions and concerns to all Southern Nevada residents, especially in Moapa Valley and Mesquite areas. The “Town Hall” will be at the Old Logandale School Historical and Cultural Society Center (OLSHACS) located at 3011 N Moapa Valley Blvd and will start at 4:00 pm with a BBQ and then 5:00 pm for the candidates to each take turns.

It will be a super assembly of candidates that include Dr. Fred Simon who is running for Nevada Governor, Stan Hyt running for Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Sheriff, Gerald Swanson running for NV Assembly District 19, Tony Grady for NV Lieutenant Governor, Bill Hockstedler for US Senate, and Sam Peters who is running for US Congressional District 4.

“This is a keen opportunity to meet all of these wonderful leaders and life-changing candidates at one time,” said Nick Maier, Campaign Manager for Dr. Fred Simon and co-coordinator of the event.

The other co-coordinator of the event is Peggy Pope who is ecstatic about this event. “All of these amazing people will be in one place and they all will do things to change the country and our state for the better.”

Other co-coordinators include Patty Kelly and Clintona and Buck Guest.

One of the biggest candidates is Dr. Fred Simon who is taking on Governor Steve Sisolak and has been very much a big voice in criticism of Sisolak’s handling of the Covid pandemic. Dr. Fred has been building the Republican party by organizing town hall events with other faith-based constitutional conservatives.  According to Simon for Nevada, they need constitutional conservatives at all levels of our government including the Lt. Governor, the Attorney General, the Nevada Assembly, and Sheriff. And we need strong conservatives in Congress to fight.

“That is why Dr. Simon has organized the March 19 Logandale Town Hall with local conservative activists. We want to bring bonafide Conservatives to Logandale so the Republican rank and file can see, hear and interact with true conservatives. Not phony RINO politicians” stated Maier.

RINO means “Republican in Name Only” and was first used as early as 1865. The term means that the person may be Republican in name, but their beliefs and platforms more align to the Democratic Party. The first president to have the term RINO applied to him was Theodore Roosevelt as early as 1906 and the term was applied to him throughout his presidency.

The Constitutional Conservative Town Hall will open up with great food through a community BBQ and provide an opportunity to meet and greet with the candidates. There will also be a firearms auction that will be held at the event. The purchasers of the firearms will have to go through the background checks and pick up the firearms through a dealer as laws regulate. The firearms being auctioned off include an AR15, a Glock 7, and a Gen4. There will also be a business raffle with prizes available.

Dr. Fred Simon, MD, is running for Nevada Governor and will be present at the Town Hall on Saturday in Logandale. (Photo: courtesy of Simon for Nevada)

The background story on Dr. Fred Simon who has promoted this campaign of “real and true” conservative candidates is as follows. Dr. Simon is a real medical doctor and a constitutional conservative from Douglas County, a rural county just south of Carson City.

According to his platform, He decided to run for Governor for three reasons.

  • One, he is a trauma surgeon, Covid expert, and healthcare expert and he was deeply disturbed by the fact that Sisolak withheld life-saving therapeutic medicine from Covid patients and patients died.


  • Two he has far more experience in K-12 education and in healthcare than all the other candidates combined. These are Nevada’s two biggest problems.


  • Three, he will not let RINO special interest candidates like John Lee, Joe Lombardo, and Dean Heller waltz to the nomination. These are terrible candidates. They are not conservatives and they will just enforce the status quo.




Dr. Simon’s top priorities are:

  1. Voter ID with Signature match – No bills will be signed until the Legislature puts a Voter ID on the Governor’s desk.
  2. School Choice – Nevada’s K-12 education system is completely broken. We need school choice. The money follows the child and parents pick the school.
  3. Healthcare – Doctors and nurses have vanished from rural Nevada because of Obamacare. We will put independent doctors and nurses back in rural communities and drive down the cost of healthcare in Nevada with cost-effective pay-for-service models.
  4. Crime – Nobody will be tougher on crime than Dr. Simon. He will bring in the toughest lawmen in the country, Rudy Giuliani and Bernie Kerik as advisors to go after the gangs with RICO and federal gun laws.

“We have an opportunity in this election cycle to really change the game and elect honest, hardworking, conservatives who do not dance to the tune of special interests,” continued Maier.

“We want to thank local conservative activists and veterans groups for supporting the Logandale town hall. It is really the work of local constitutional conservatives and Republican women’s groups that made this all possible,” stated Maier on behalf of Dr. Simon.

Background on all of the candidates who will be present at the “Town Hall” is on the following flyer sent by Dr. Simon’s Campaign.

Flyer about each candidate that will be present at the Constitutional Conservatives Town Hall in Moapa Valley Saturday. (courtesy of Simon for Nevada)

For more information about the event, you can email Nick Maier at nickmaier@simonforgovnv.com or visit Simon for Nevada at www.simonforgovnv.com or call Peggy Pope at (702) 755-4668.


One thought on “Constitutional Conservative Town Hall this Saturday in Moapa Valley

  1. Wow! What a gathering of patriots. Not! These loonies think the earth is flat and that Trump won the last election. There is not one person who has any chance to win in June, much less November. As for RINO’s, Lincoln would be one today or would be a Democrat. Todays GOP is not the GOP of Reagan or the Bushes. It is the party of a twice impeached loser who has been a failure his entire life. A person who is so broke he has to depend on others to pay his bills. Red wave in November? Not in Nevada.

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