The Water Lantern Festival hit Las Vegas this Saturday, March 12th at Craig Ranch Park in North Las Vegas. (Courtesy of the Water Lantern Festival)

North Las Vegas, NV-

The Las Vegas Water Lantern Festival arrives tomorrow and will bring what people now need in the current times of inflation and a rapidly falling economy… Hope. The message behind the festival is to bring people from all backgrounds, all races, all lifestyles together during this hard time and be unified in hope.

“We have had a rough few years and this is a way that we can come together in peace, ” said a representative of the Water Lantern Festival.

The website for the Water Lantern Festival states, “Water Lantern Festival is filled with fun, happiness, hope, and great memories that you’ll cherish for a lifetime. This is a family-friendly event that can be shared by everyone. Friends, families, neighbors, and lots of people that you haven’t met can come together to create a peaceful, memorable experience.”

The event will be at the Craig Ranch Park located at 628 West Craig Road in North Las Vegas.

The admission is $25.99 per ticket ahead of time and $40 at the event. The price of $25.99 ends today. Each ticket for adults includes a wristband for entry and access to food trucks, one floating lantern kit, marker, drawstring bag, and scavenger hunt entry for the giveaway they are having.

There are other options in pricing including for children ($11.99 without ticket protection; $15.99 with ticket protection), Date Night Package ($64.99), Deluxe Ticket ($39.99), and more. The different options on tickets also include different incentives and added special benefits.

The best part about the Water Lantern Festival is the most beautiful view with all of the lit lanterns and decorations up. The chance for everyone to write their message of “hope” and make wishes for the world and release it to the water is awe-inspiring.

Water Lanterns have been used since the early Tang Dynasty in China for celebrations such as the Lantern Festival and the Festival of Autumns. Lanterns are released after a message is written on them of things that are holding you down and keeping you from progressing in life. The release of the lantern symbolizes letting those things go. In other cultures similar symbolism can be found that include sending your wishes on to other people of good luck and good fortune, utilizing and sharing the belief of “we are one” in this world. The spread of love to our fellow mankind as we share the same world.

The Water Lantern Festival was voted the best cultural festival last year by USA Today and also as one of the top family-friendly festivals in the nation. The idea started four years ago with 34 cities participating. It has grown to include over 100 shows every year.

The gates open at 3:00 pm with music, food, and more. The launch of lanterns will be at 6:00 pm with the event closing at 7:30 pm.

Go experience a culture of excitement, beauty, grace, love, unity, and more while releasing your wishes and dreams to Mother Nature as one with the tranquility and peace around and to bring more positivity into such turbulent times.

You can find out more information or purchase tickets at

You can also find the event guide by clicking the following link: The Water Lantern Festival Event Guide.

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