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Last Sunday, the local band Mesquite Café Blues Band rocked an entire pavilion with over 160 people attending to kickoff of the Spring season of the Clark County Library District Free Concerts available in Mesquite.

Linda sings with full emotion, rocking everyone in attendance at the Free Concert on Sunday, March 6th. (Photo: YoshiYama Photography)

The original plan was for the band to perform from 3:00 pm until 4:00 pm, but it went until 5:00 pm with even an encore number after approval from the library and yelling demands of the audience.

Besides the band performing, the Mesquite Toes were selling snacks and drinks, along with raffle tickets for donated items and prizes. Between all sales, including some CDs from the original and unique blues band, the total raised was over $150.

One of the big winners for a big basket of movie items and theater tickets was Peggy Gallo. She was ecstatic about winning.

“I never win, and I actually won,” said Gallo. “I am so surprised.”

The money will help the Mesquite Toes Tap Team to advertise and get things together for their upcoming Spring Spectatuclar on April 8th and 9th.

The Mesquite Café Blue Band had nothing but praise hailing from everyone in the audience. The raspy “Blues” tone that filled the air from guitarist and soloist Paul Villanueva was outstanding and very sultry and pristine for the very unique specification of music.

Several of the Mesquite Toes commented about how good of a voice for the “Blues” Villanueva has. Along with Villanueva, the band consisted of Linda Villanueva who heads vocals with an amazing black outfit with the full “rock” glamour. Villanueva was definitely the performer who danced and shook for the whole crowd, stirring yelps of wild fun, entrancing the audience to smiles and joy. Also on harmonica was Wayne Andreola who kept the beat rocking on specific songs and brought an original harmony.

“We are so thankful to the community for the support we got today,” said Paul. “It was so much fun today and looking forward to continuing to entertain Mesquite.”

Paul Villanueva lets the music take over while playing the guitar. (Photo: YoshiYama Photography)

The bands were started back in October and the Mesquite Café Blues Band kicked it off then and then were brought back a month later in November to perform again.

“We had maybe 70-80 people back then,” said Paul Villanueva. “We had so much more today and it was great!”


The concerts were started by the local rotary to try and bring more of “the Arts” to Mesquite according to Deborah Stephenson who helped create the idea of free concerts and make it happen.

“It is so good to see how these concerts bring the community together,” stated Stephenson.

The Mesquite Café Blues Band is looking forward to upcoming concerts which include the Clark County Fair in Logandale, Nevada.

“We were happy to receive this opportunity to play at the Clark County Fair at the Showcase Stage,” said Paul.

The Mesquite Café Blues Band will be performing on Thursday, April 7th, and Friday, April 8th at the Clark County Fair at 1301 Whipple Avenue in Logandale, Nevada. They will be performing at 11:00 am at the Showcase Stage on both days. The Showcase Stage is by the Southwestern exit of the fairgrounds.

Map of the Clark County Fairgrounds (Courtesy of Clark County Fair)

The Mesquite Café Blues Band has its own website at You can find out more information about their band, upcoming performances, buy their new CD “Oozing Da Blues”, or book them for a performance at an event.

The Mesquite Cafe Blues Band entertained over 160 Blues Enthusiasts on Sunday (Photo: YoshiYama Photography)
Wayne Andreola gets ready to play the harmonica (Photo: YoshiYama Photography)













Overal view of the crowd during the free concert at the Mesquite Library. (Photo: YoshiYama Photography)

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