Beaver, UT-

The new Go Mesquite app is going big as in Big Billboard, as the first Billboard to promote the app was erected by Beaver, Utah, along the Interstate-15 Freeway. All who pass by can find the sign around mile marker 109.

The sign size is 14 ft by 48 ft and is fully illuminated. The base of the sign is 25 ft in the air. The sign is under contract to be up until August 31, 2022. The Go Mesquite app is a new app that keeps people up to date with current news and leaders of Mesquite, everything about Mesquite.

Along with the Billboard, there are plans where the city will be adding “Welcome” signs at the entrances of Mesquite. The whole ideology behind the signs is to promote better tourism and give visitors a better experience in Mesquite.

The new Billboard promotes the Go Mesquite app by Beaver, Utah. (Photo courtesy of City of Mesquite)

The signs are leading technology, including high-definition video LED reader-boards or static signs. The signs will help fulfill current city goals in promoting a more comprehensive and forward-thinking plan for Parks and Recreation, mainly Recreation and Tourism department.

“The billboard was paid for by grants from Travel Nevada and Nevada OHV,” stated City Councilman Wes Boger. “I thank not only them but also the City Staff for having the ability and foresight to apply for these grants. It’s great to advertise tourism for Mesquite, and even better when our taxpayers aren’t paying for it!”

The primary mission was stated as “Welcome Board to Elevate Facilities, Enriching Programs/Business Development, and Empowering our Organization.”

The Welcome Boards on the entrances to the City of Mesquite will do the following three things for the city:

  • We are looking to better capture the attention of visitors, travelers, fans and elevate the Mesquite Venue experience. WELCOME THEM TO MESQUITE


  • Create new revenue streams with more ad space and sponsorship opportunities on the Reader/Static boards.


  • Engage our visitors of every event, from anywhere.


  • WELCOME, all with information about our community with schedules and or Information on Mesquite.


“We are going to use these signs to elevate production capabilities without adding more staff,” said Nicholas Montoya, Director of Athletics and Leisure for the City of Mesquite.


The Billboard design will also be used in social media and other advertisements. (Courtesy of City of Mesquite)


For more information, contact: Nicholas Montoya by email at

You can download the City of Mesquite “Go Mesquite” app by visiting


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