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Mesquite Residents have the opportunity to visit with Republican Assembly District 19 Candidate Charlie Nicole De La Paz on Mondays at the Starbucks located at 390 Hillside Drive. The “Conversations with Candidate Charlie” start at 10:00 am.

This weekly meeting is an opportunity for residents to ask De La Paz questions and bring up concerns with issues that need to be examined closer.

“This is a chance for the residents of Mesquite to have their concerns expressed and bring to light things that need to be changed,” said Candidate Charlie.

Candidate Charlie De La Paz is running for Nevada Assembly District 19, which is currently held by Mesquite resident Annie Black. Black announced she was running for US Congressional 4th District for Nevada back in January and is focusing on her election campaign for that position.

Charlie Nicole De La Paz has been instrumental in the field of education where she co-founded the Parent non-profit group Power2Parent Union (P2P) which has been a huge benefit in the continuous fight for better education in Nevada. The P2P has helped put power back into the hands of parents especially pertaining to what the kids would be taught in schools. The union was developed and created in reciprocation to a controversial sex education curriculum that was being pushed by Clark County School District in 2014.

Charlie De La Paz at the NV School Choice Fair. (Photo:

She immigrated to the United States when she was four years old and grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada. She is the mother of 4 children and was part of the LVMPD family for 15 years and is a huge supporter of law enforcement. She lives in Logandale, Nevada, and is part of the Moapa Valley community.

Her platform includes a huge emphasis on education as with her involvement with the politics of P2P and the local and state laws regarding education and parents’ rights.

“One of my biggest pushes is the need to separate some schools from CCSD,” said De La Paz. “The school district is too big and the rural schools are often overlooked when it comes to funding.”

She pointed out how the schools in Mesquite, Bunkerville, and Moapa Valley are often underfunded and treated like “city schools”.

“These schools are not city schools and they do not operate like city schools,” said De La Paz. “Mesquite and Moapa Valley schools are way different than Las Vegas schools.”

She also mentioned how the school district has way too many “layers” and the money never makes it down to the classroom. She also mentioned how the rural schools have good leaders, but because of those “layers” things never get done.

“There is a lot of talk, but never any action,” continued De La Paz. “It saddens me when we have really good leaders and angers me when they are not heard.”

She says we all need to have the “fighter spirit” as the state as a whole needs to listen to rural areas.

“I am tenacious to fight that,” said Candidate Charlie. “I am determined to listen to the community and help them get what they really need. We need to hold the state accountable for the current state of the economy and make sure the rural areas are heard.”

She will be available to listen to concerns, answer questions about the process, and discuss anything residents want to ask or discuss regarding Nevada and its current state.

Charlie De La Paz invites all citizens of Nevada and Mesquite areas to attend “Conversations with Candidate Charlie” on Mondays (except holidays) at 10:00 am within the Starbucks in Mesquite.

For more information visit www.charliefornevadacom.


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