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On Thursday, March 3rd at 9:00 am, the City of Mesquite was ecstatic to have dedicated and opened up the new Pickleball courts which were happily received by over 200 people who attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony. The groundbreaking for these sporting courts and for this official ending event happened in October of 2021 and was coming down close to the time they are going to be really needed by the city as the Mesquite Senior Games kicks off starting this weekend.

The event was well attended and everyone was ecstatic to be seeing the pickleball courts opening for residents of Mesquite to use. City officials in attendance included City Councilmen Wes Boger and George Gault. Also in attendance was Nick Montoya, Athletic and Leisure Director, as well as Mayor Al Litman. Speakers included Nick Montoya, John Sadler, who serves as the Mesquite Pickleball Ambassador.

Mayor Al Litman cuts the ribbon to officially open Mesquite’s 8 new pickleball courts. (Photo: David Kilker)

Pickleball which is a combination of tennis, badminton, and ping-pong has been the fastest growing sport in the nation. Growing by thousands of new pickleball courts and indoor facilities each week with a reported 4.8 million Americans playing the sport. Of course, the biggest push came when the Carolina Hurricanes owner Tom Dundon, a pickleball enthusiast, and athlete, bought out two of the biggest Pickleball organizations in the world by purchasing Pickleball Central and the Professional Pickleball Association.

The courts will be open officially now for residents and tourists of Mesquite, NV to use. However, they will be closed off to the public while the Mesquite Senior Games competition will be happening on March 14th-March 16th. The games are open for spectators and consist of three separate categories of competition for the Pickleball sports competition; Men’s Doubles (14th), Women’s Doubles (16th), and Mixed Doubles (15th). The Pickleball Event costs a $30 registration fee and $20 per event fee. You can register and pay at

For more information visit the Mesquite Senior Games website and/or contact the Event Director: John Rosen by email: or phone: 435-602-9829.


Mesquite’s Pickleball Ambassador, described the excitement in his actions and tone of voice as he stated during his speech, “Pickleball is the greatest game ever invented.”


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Nick Montoya, Mesquite’s Recreation Director addresses a large crowd of enthusiastic pickleball players (Photo: David Kilker)
Mesquite’s Pickleball Ambassador John Sadler thanks all involved with the new court project repeated his belief that “Pickleball is the greatest game ever invented!” (Photo: David Kilker)




















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