Bebrave Athletics Co-owners Haylee Benglan (Far Left) and Paige Woods (Far Right) cut the ribbon open signifying the opening of their new location gym at 473 W Mesquite Blvd. (Photo: Cheryl Kirking)

Mesquite, NV-

Co-owners of the new Bebrave Athletics gym leaped at the chance to move their expanding business into the new location at 473 West Mesquite Boulevard when the lease was open in October. While busily preparing for last Thursday’s Grand Opening, owner Haylee Benglan and Paige Woods kept working during our interview, as they are certainly used to multi-tasking. As gymnastic coaches, leaping and jumping is nothing Woods and Benglan, who bring both entrepreneurial experiences as well as gymnastic skills to the tumbling, trampoline, and cheer gym, which offers recreational gymnastics and open gym classes as well as competitive teams. The club has gained respect among area competitive teams and will be hosting the Southern Utah Tumbling Association state meet here in Mesquite in April.

Festivities at Grand Opening Thursday include Bouncy houses, face-painting, raffles, and refreshments as students and parents viewed the spacious new gym facilities. (Photo: Cheryl Kirking)

Benglan, who is the current president of SUTA, the Southern Utah Tumbling Association, has been involved in competitive tumbling for over twenty years since she was seven. She was a competitive power tumbler for ten years, and an All-Star cheerleader for the USA Cheerleading Federation. Ultimately, she realizes her true passion is coaching. “Yeah, my passion for the sport and coaching is insane!” she laughs. Originally from  Salt Lake, she moved to Mesquite 5 years ago and began coaching just ten students at the Mesquite Recreation Center. Her classes size boomed into over 250 students today. What brought her to Mesquite?

“My family visited Lake Mead over the years as I was growing up, so I was familiar and loved the area. The cards kind of unfolded as I saw Mesquite as a great place to raise my daughter, as well as grow my business. At the time, Benglan was growing her exclusive line of athletic wear, which includes performance apparel as well as fashionable street “athleisure” wear bearing inspiring slogans.

Why the name “Be Brave”? Benglan explains that Bebrave was born in 2017 as a clothing line during a very difficult time in her life.

“Going through a divorce as a young mother with a baby girl, I was faced with the decision of where I was heading next. I chose to take life head-on and be brave with every step I took. With the little savings I had, I invested in 100 pieces of apparel that I felt could inspire others. With every piece I sold out of my trunk, I was $20 closer to building a life for my baby and me. In all those trials, bravery is what got me through those hard times. So I want to encourage others that no matter what you are going through, being brave will get you to that light at the end of the tunnel,” stated Benglan.

Woods has been very brave, too, as she and Benglan have invested, as they say, “our hearts and souls,” as well as personal finances into the Bebrave Gym, Woods handles much of the business and bookkeeping, in addition to coaching. With their membership having grown from ten to over 250 young athletes, their mission is to build the bravery, character, kindness, and positive values that will make their students strong, as well as physically fit and brave.

Bebrave clothing is featured in the retail corner of the new facility. (Photo: Cheryl Kirking)

“We want to emphasize how grateful we are for the support of our families and our BeBrave family,” Benglan said at the ribbon-cutting, which was met with a loud cheer and kids eager to get their faces painted!

Both feel strongly that promoting youth fitness and character is a top priority, along with fitness and skill; based on the large and enthusiastic turnout at last Thursday’s Grand Opening and registering for classes, the Mesquite parents agree.

Congratulations to Bebrave Athletics! For more information or registration for classes, visit their website @ You may also stop by their gym during business hours located at 473 W. Mesquite Blvd.






Face-painting and other activities made for a fun time for over 300 people who attended Bebrave’s Grand Opening. (Photo: Cheryl Kirking)
Alice James, 4-years old is one of the youngest members of one of the competitive teams. SUTA, (Southern Utah Tumbling Association) competes all over southern Utah. (Photo: Cheryl Kirking)
Many friendships are made through gymnastics. (Photo: Cheryl Kirking)

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