The country of Ukraine is being thoroughly destroyed. The pictures from the cities are heartbreaking. Women covered in blood and dead children in their mother’s arms. Buildings turned to rubble and fires everywhere. The Russians are saying they are freeing the country from tyrants. How lucky can the people be to have such liberators?

Some might suggest that we go in and declare a “no fly zone.” Such a declaration would put American flyers against Russian pilots in the sky, that is directly a war. The way to help is to give the Ukrainians weapons and volunteers. European countries are giving some good weapons but they need more. It has been said the several countries are giving older MIG fighter planes to Ukrainian pilots.

Seems in the paper there was a story about retiring F-16 fighters to the desert and some F-10s were being sent to the graveyard of planes. It might be like our old lend/lease program when we gave equipment to England during WW II. In WW II some pilots volunteered to fly but they were not our flying military. Maybe someone should have thought about this 6 months ago.

It seems our current President doesn’t want to move too fast against the Russian President. What a surprise. Some of the facts have just come out like we are buying oil from Russia thus supporting their war machine. Shutting down our oil production so we can transfer our wealth to Russia and supply them money to support the destruction of Ukraine. The fact we are buying oil at all is incredible. Sending our wealth to Saudi Arabia, Russia and even Iran. Why would we do that?

As we hear the “State of the Union” address, some might think America has been sold out. Or maybe we are just in an altered state, “We were Ready for Russia” what a joke. Does anyone think that training before an invasion might be the better deterrent? Now people are dying in the streets, blood everywhere and you’re going to send sophisticated equipment, maybe the operation manual is printed in Ukrainian.

The good news is all this takes away our attention from our overrun border, crime in our streets and rising prices everywhere. Shutdown our oil supply so we can buy from overseas. If we had completed the XL pipeline we would at least been buying from Canada. But no, lets ship money to those who hate us. Unfortunately, this will lower our standard of living but we must participate in global wealth re-distribution. This way we can help out the Saudis, Russians and Iran. You wonder who is getting the money in these countries.

Instead of helping train Ukrainian troops on how to use equipment we train our own troops on transgender treatment. Maybe we should have trained their troops in gender reassignment first, because it is probably too late now.

According to the “State of the Union” we are lucky to have a President who will stand up to Russia and even China. He is going to setup sanctions, but not on Russian oil exports. Maybe Russia might like our military’s transgender training. Sadly, the Ukrainian army will not be able to get this excellent training as they are dying in the streets of their county along with the women and children.

Mike Young has been writing opinion articles for most of his life, having been published in multiple periodicals. He is the author of numerous articles and a book on Public Speaking. A member of President Bush’s task force on infrastructure protection for water and power systems, he is presently on the Board of Trustees for Overton Power District #5 as the Secretary/Treasurer. He currently resides in Mesquite, NV.

3 thoughts on “Vantage Point: The Ruin of Ukraine

    March 1, 2022
    My fellow Americans.
    Now that my approval ratings are roughly at the same level as my blood pressure, i.e. barely detectable, and my credibility is nonexistent, I thought I might actually try being honest for a change about the real State of the Union.
    Just over a year ago when I took oath of office, I talked about “the common objects we love that define us as Americans. . . Opportunity. Security. Liberty. Dignity. Respect. Honor. And yes, the truth.”
    So let me describe to you the State of our Union in those terms:
    First, opportunity.
    Under my leadership, inflation has reached a 40+ year high and shows no signs of abating.
    I’ve also demonstrated how serious I am about fighting inflation by re-appointing the very same Federal Reserve officials who created the inflation to begin with, to another four-year term.
    Further, the supply chain crisis we engineered from our cascading failures of labor policy, environmental policy, trade policy, monetary policy, and public health policy, also shows little sign of resolving.
    We’ve also been instrumental in destroying the labor market and making it virtually impossible to find workers.
    Plus my administration continues to impose new regulations by the day, threaten new taxes, and put out unintelligible public health policies, that make things especially difficult for small and medium-sized businesses.
    But at least Pfizer’s profits are at a record high.
    Second, security.
    Our southern border was overwhelmed with countless migrants almost literally the moment I took office. We continue to ignore this growing crisis.
    Similarly, we choose to ignore soaring rates of murder in America’s cities.
    As Commander-in-Chief, I ordered the US military to hastily withdraw from Afghanistan without sufficient time to make adequate preparations. As a result, the entire world witnessed one of the most disgraceful, shameful events in US history as we left behind our citizens, our allies, and tens of billions of dollars of taxpayer-funded military equipment to our sworn enemy.
    I tried making up for this personal and national humiliation by trying to outmaneuver Vladimir Putin over Ukraine.
    My son Hunter and I obviously have a soft spot for Ukraine. But my real priority was using Putin’s military buildup as an opportunity to appear strong again, and hopefully boost my sagging poll numbers.
    Despite my years of foreign policy experience, I failed to foresee the consequences of provoking Putin, pushing him into a corner, and essentially daring him to invade.
    (And now, by the way, as we are pushing Russia out of the SWIFT international banking platform, I am also failing to foresee the obvious risk of Putin hacking it. But more on that another time…)
    You may recall that, while I was hiding in my basement during the 2020 Presidential campaign, I promised voters a “steady hand” when it came to diplomacy and national security.
    Well, this is what 5 decades of government experience gets you.
    Third, liberty.
    We continue to foster a climate where the government tells you what you’re supposed to believe, what you have to put in your body, and how you’re allowed to educate your children.
    We think nothing of imposing illegal, unconstitutional mandates, and handing public health bureaucrats the authority to regulate everything from nationwide commerce to the entire US housing market.
    Justin Trudeau recently set a fantastic example for us to follow when it comes to individual freedom, and so we’re working hard to become Canada as quickly as possible.
    Fourth, dignity and respect.
    I promised the American people unity in my inaugural address. I said that “we must end this uncivil war that pits red against blue, rural versus urban, conservative versus liberal.”
    Naturally I have completely abandoned that promise. Not only have I failed to rein in the intolerant, out-of-control leftist puritans waging cultural genocide across America, but I set a clear example for them by labeling my ideological opponents as White Supremacists.
    I call legislation I don’t like “Jim Crow 2.0”. And I encourage federal police agencies to investigate parents who don’t want Critical Race Theory taught to their children in public schools.
    Fifth, honor.
    My short time in office has brought extreme dishonor upon the reputation of the United States. In addition to the humiliation in Afghanistan, the rest of the world must be in shock as they see the constant chaos and absurdity of our government.
    We are more consumed by pronouns than progress. We publicly embrace Marxist ideologies. We push our intelligence agencies to prioritize diversity and inclusion over national security. We deliberately undercut our ally—the French—to do a submarine deal with Australia that provided absolutely zero benefit to our nation.
    And just recently our public debt reached a whopping $30 trillion… which hardly brings any honor or esteem to our nation.
    Last but not least, truth.
    I told Americans last year during my inauguration that “each of us has a duty and responsibility, as citizens, as Americans. . . to defend the truth and to defeat the lies.”
    That’s why my administration has worked diligently to suppress free speech. We believe that #science has only one authority figure, and anyone who disagrees with his eminence, Lord Protector Fauci, is guilty of misinformation.
    For that reason we enlisted the support of Big Tech to remove posts and terminate user accounts upon our request.
    We claim that we love democracy so much, yet we continue to assert federal control over state and local elections. One of our goals is to squash any state law requiring voters to present valid identification before being allowed to cast their ballots.
    Requiring identification would help reduce voter fraud and increase election security. But we like voter fraud… so we’re opposed to any identification requirement and label them as racist.
    We also rely on the mainstream media, which absurdly claims to be objective and unbiased, to reinforce our ridiculous propaganda. They do so willingly and voluntarily, refraining from holding me accountable or asking any difficult questions whatsoever.
    This, my fellow Americans, is the real State of our Union.
    (Tonight, however, I’m going to tell a bunch of pathetic lies that no one will believe about what a great job I’m doing.)
    And if you feel a bit down about the State of our Union, just remember– I’ll still be President for another 3 years, 10 months, 19 days. We have a looooong way to go.
    To your freedom,

  2. Now Mike hates transgenders. Mike, you do realize that these people are human beings? In addition, they are just a very minuscule portion of our country. WWJD? Remember that Mike? What would you do if you were Jesus? What would you do with the people at the Southern border if you were Jesus? What would you do for the refugees in the world if you were Jesus. Would Jesus support spending $800B a year on a military that we will never use in a world war? Why buy weapons if we will never use them?

    As for Ukraine, I seem to remember a president who refused to send them missiles until he got dirt on his opponent. A president who tried to weaken NATO and who wanted us out of NATO. A president who praises Putin, a war criminal, but mocks our own president. You are on the wrong side of history.

  3. David – I don’t hate transgender but I believe the military might be better served by people who are trained to fight instead of becoming a social worker. I do remember a vice president who threaten to stop 1 billion in aid to Ukraine unless a prosecutor who was investigating his son be fired, He even bragged about it.
    Jesus would smit the evil but support to poor, which we do.

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