Supporters of the “Freedom Convoy” along the Trans-Canada Highway. Photo © Gavin Young /Postmedia Network


Convoy not going through Salt Lake City and Denver. Reported on their Facebook page.

UPDATED @ 7:16 PM, FEBRUARY 25th: The Convoy just reported on their Facebook site that they have stopped in Las Vegas, NV, for the night. They reported that their information contact in Utah has stated it is snowing and bad weather is present and not able to travel through to Springville. The plans for the Convoy will be adjusted tomorrow morning on the planned route. They are planning to leave Las Vegas in the morning at 8:00 am.

The Facebook update on the status of the Convoy stopping in Las Vegas. (Facebook: Freedom Convoy USA 2022).

Mesquite, NV –

The Freedom Truckers Convoy is an American version of the Canadian Truckers Convoy is expected to pass through Mesquite at any moment on Friday, February 25th. The off-shoot group from Southern California is slightly rebranded different as the “People’s Convoy” and is part of the Freedom Convoy headed to the Nation’s Capitol in protest.

The group hit Las Vegas around 4 pm and are on their way to Springville, Utah tonight and then taking off in the morning to Salt Lake City, Utah, hoping to arrive by 3 pm in Utah’s capital.

The Freedom Convoy took off from San Diego, California, and Adelanto, California this morning at 9:00 am PST and two days ago. It started its ride towards Washington, DC, to protest and hoping to arrive by Tuesday for the State of the Union Address by President Joe Biden. The convoy that left San Diego, most likely will not make that address on March 1st, but they still have joined the effort in traveling there to help support the cause of the protest.

The protest was originally started on February 5, 2022, by Canadian truckers in relation to a change in mandatory policy regarding crossing the Canadian border involving vaccinations and COVID-19 policy. The protests started in Ottawa, were started by truckers who oppose Canada’s new Covid-19 rule that requires them to be fully vaccinated when crossing the Canadian-US border or face a two-week quarantine.

The US Freedom Convoy version does have a better deal as most states have dropped mask mandates and many of the mandatory vaccinations have been shut down by federal courts. The CDC also updated their guidelines today stating that masks indoors are no longer needed as 70% of individuals reside in low or medium-risk areas. The cases of COVID-19 still continue to fall as another reason for the lessening of the mask mandate recommendation by the CDC. However, President Joe Biden still has federal mandates in place regarding vaccinations and Covid-19 policy.

Other Freedom Convoys headed to Washington, DC include Pennsylvania, Maryland, and other states. They figured about 100 big semi-trucks and 600 cars took part in the convoy in Adelanto.

The “People’s Convoy” kickoff and send-off in California. (Photo © Meridith Kohut/The New York Times)

This Breaking News Story will be updated as more information is released.

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4 thoughts on “UPDATED: Freedom “People’s” Truckers Convoy Expected Any Moment

  1. What a lot of useless people. What are they protesting? If they are headed to DC, they are going the wrong way. Are the Russians paying for this fiasco? Do us a favor and do not go through Mesquite.

    1. They are protesting the polices of your President who still masks are effective and shots work. They are just Americans who still think they have the right to think for themself. They are not doing what they are told to do because they still believe in Freedom.

    2. Little late! What are all these people thinking? Beating a dead horse. Why throw all the money away for this out of date ralley when there are so many other organizations in need. Guess I am to late also.

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