Lake Mead, NV-

Snow was spotted falling in flakes by Lake Mead National Recreational Area on the Northside at about 4:00 pm. The flakes are falling at a slow but continuous pace. However, it is found to be wet and melting.

The weather got extremely cold yesterday with high gusts of wind of up to 24 mph with rainfall and a low of 34°F. It currently is 43°F in Mesquite with some sightings of small hale. 

Tomorrow is getting warmer according to the weather reports from The Weather Channel, hitting highs of 52°F and sunny skies. Light winds of 2-4 mph are predicted. 

It was also reported that snow was falling in Moapa Town and Glendale area at about 5:30 pm and lasted almost an hour, however, it is not predicted to make it over to Mesquite.


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