America’s biggest story was about, Trump being a Russian asset, which is no story at all, in fact, it was just a big lie. Yes, that now seems true, the story expanded into every aspect of America’s national news. Even former Obama administration intelligence officials took to the airwaves to declare Trump was a Russian asset. The congressman, Adam Schiff, stated that he had seen classified information that proved it. Congressional intelligence committee members seconded that and called for impeachment.

This big story turned out to be a big lie that was spread to the Justice Department and FBI. The Justice Department appointed a special council to lead the investigation. The Attorney General turned to former FBI director Robert Mueller to lead a 40 plus million-dollar Investigation into Trump’s ties to Russia and staffed it with anti-Trump democrats.

Two years later Special Counsel Mueller admitted they could not find any Trump-Russia connections and closed up shop. But they did manage to destroy the reputations and careers of many people and they did manage to force innocent Trump officials into debt to hire lawyers to defend themselves. A few people were charged but not with any Russian connection.

Clinton’s foreign policy adviser sold the story to the press over and over. The media was happy to repeat the Big Lie.  They hated Trump with a passion, so savaging him was easy. Sometimes they just made something up and as someone once said “If you keep telling a lie, and repeat it over and over, people will eventually believe it.”

That’s exactly what Hillary Clinton’s campaign staff did during her run for the presidency in 2016. They repeated over and over. But they needed more so they hacked into Donald Trump’s network server at Trump Towers, hoping to discover a Trump-Russia connection. They didn’t find anything because there was nothing to find.


But they kept digging. It was easy enough to continue hacking into the Trump Tower servers as Trump’s campaign office became his presidential transition office. Again, they found nothing.

Once Trump moved into the White House, the hacking efforts moved with them. Still nothing. But the Big Lie was growing in the media, and with Congressional Democrats. This is what happens when an outsider moves into “the Washington elite circle” of insiders all attack.

The media loved every minute and some reporters became celebrities. They even gave each other awards for reporting breaking news scandals, involving Trump which came from “anonymous sources” but had no basis in fact.

But sometimes someone steps forward with integrity and that man was John Durham. His recent court filing indicates he has the evidence that a tech company was hired by the Clinton campaign to infiltrate the Trump Tower’s internet servers and those of his campaign, his presidential transition team and the Trump White House. The Durham investigation results are a shocker.

Did the intelligence community know the Clinton campaign was hacking into Trump’s campaign, presidential transition and White House offices?  If so, did they actually participate in the effort to spy on Donald Trump or just keep it quiet?

If the intelligence community knew about the hacking, but looked the other way, they were enablers and therefore duplicitous.  If they were part of the spying, they were corrupt.  If they claim ignorance, they were downright incompetent. In any of the above cases there needs to be a criminal re-conning and a thorough house cleaning of our intelligence services.

What about those Clinton campaign officials who created this mess? They need to be held accountable for trying to undermine a President of the United States. Not so fast, Jake Sullivan though to be the behind-the-scenes architect and one major perpetrators of the Big Lie is now President Biden’s National Security Adviser. So much for Justice!

What do the mainstream media say about all of this? Nothing! They have not even mentioned the story. Guess they do not have to answer for their past support for lies. The bet is they will not even give back the awards they received for promoting false stories and outright lies.



Mike Young has been writing opinion articles for most of his life, having been published in multiple periodicals. He is an author of numerous articles and a book on Public Speaking. A member of a President Bush’s taskforce on infrastructure protection for water and power systems, he is presently on the Board of Trustees for Overton Power District #5 as the Secretary/Treasurer. He currently resides in Mesquite, NV.

3 thoughts on “Vantage Point: America’s Candle

  1. I guess you failed to read the Mueller Report. However, what you are talking about is a big nothing burger. No crime, no nothing. Just a big Fox News rant. Try to at least be creative Mike.

    1. Federal Grand Jury is just a big nothing burger. Not a crime to spy on the White House and plant evidence. I’m just glad it is not me. It is hard to believe that an American business would do this but if they have access, who in the hell also has access? Do you think the FBI missed all of this?

      1. No one spied on the White House. You are being scammed by a propaganda plot orchestrated by the Trumpers. Why did the filing occur at 11:30 PM on a Friday night? Almost, immediately, the propaganda started flowing. However, the MSM has debunked the whole plot. Nice try though.

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