The Mesquite Honorable Mayor Allan Litman will be giving his State of the City Address today. (Photo Courtesy of the City of Mesquite)

Mesquite, NV-

Mesquite Mayor Al Litman will be giving his annual “State of the City Address” today, Wednesday, February 16, 2022, @ 3:30 pm at the Mesquite City Hall. The reporting of the status of the city will be done within the City Council Chambers on the second floor.

“It is going to be exciting to have the annual State of the City address again in person,” said Mesquite Mayor Allan Litman in an interview last month. “We are excited for what we have accomplished and what we are planning.”

The annual report will cover such topics as accomplishments of last year’s accomplishments and the future goals for the city in the next year. They will cover such topics as in relation to the Covid-19 response, economical growth, business, and small businesses, government departments efficacy, and more. Many are curious about the future plans and goals as the mandates for Covid-19 are starting to be rescinded and less required by the Nevada State government and agencies.

“The address will be televised and streamed,” said Mayor Litman. “This will help as many as possible of our wonderful residents be able to hear the address.”

The “State of the City Address” will be televised on the City of Mesquite’s Website located at For more information about this event and other programs please download the app, it’s available for iOS or Android devices at

City Hall is located at 10 E Mesquite Blvd. There will be light refreshments and drinks afterward.

2022 State of the City Address Media Release

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