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Mesquite has a new wedding officiant after a newly opened Clark County Clerk’s Office that issues wedding licenses in our small city here in Southern, Nevada. Ken Juber, a Mesquite resident has become an integral part of the community since retiring here. Juber, a retired professional photographer, video producer for a Fortune 500 Company, game show nut, part-time actor, and part-time event announcer at the Eureka Casino has become known for his theatrics which has brought laughs and smiles from locals, the Mesquite Special Olympics, youth, and hungry customers waiting in line at KFC.

Ken Juber portrays Colonel Sanders and now is a marriage officiant for Mesquite, NV. (Photo Courtesy of Ken Juber)

If you haven’t guessed it, he is known for being a celebrity impersonator of the captivating Colonel Sanders. He even does the “Southern Accent” and the terminology of the speech, bringing out cell phones for photo ops.

Originally from Rhode Island, Ken at the age of 23 joined the US Army getting training and a degree in “Theater Communication,” after which he did motion pictures and also worked on secret Government projects. He worked for TRW Aerospace, Thrifty Drug Stores (3 years), and Smart & Final (25-1/2 years). At each place, he was able to prime and master his craft.

Adding to the theatrics he even appeared on multiple game shows such as The Price is Right with Drew Carey, Deal or No Deal with Howie Mandel, 1 vs. 100 with the late Bob Saget. He even was a regular on the Saget hosted show as a member of the “Mob.” He even met Ryan Seacrest before the American Idol Host became a big-time celeb as the host of “Wild Animal Games” where he and his oldest daughter competed in 1995.

“I am in a YouTube video getting honey poured on me while Ryan is laughing,” stated Ken Juber.

Ken getting slimed by honey on YouTube


While in California, he also became notorious for “Top Notch” costumes. In 1993, he won several 1st place awards at restaurants, bars, clubs for costume contests at Halloween as he created the iconic Blue-Haired Costume of Marge Simpson, even performing the gruff edgy voice and actions.  He also played multiple characters, including the Grinch.

When asked about his new journey into being a wedding officiant, Ken Juber replied, “I am 67 years old and got to stay active and keep going. I am a performer and love helping people… A ‘people’ person. I like to help a couple to get to a new point in life and find a great place of happiness by joining them in life and purpose.”

He has decided that he will customize the services to help his customers have their one and unique special day.

Ken being the Grinch for the disabled in the community. (Photo Courtesy of Ken Juber)

“I will parlay into the wedding officiant persona, have several customized scripts, and even offer relationship advice,” said Juber. “I have been through a couple of marriages so I do know a few things about relationship advice.”

For Valentine’s, he decided he would give some of his advice tips for those who are looking at renewing their relationships this February famed day of Love.

  1. Communication is really, really a key to successful relationships.
  2. People all have their differences/inferences. Understand and respect the differences and inferences.
  3. You can’t expect someone to be a carbon copy of you.
  4. Do not confine or question! Let your lover have their freedoms.
  5. And Reemphasizing.. Communication is the key!

Whether Ken Juber, the new wedding officiant in Mesquite is sneaking around like the Grinch, lecturing like Marge Simpson, or raving like the man in white… Colonel Sanders, or carrying on with another one of his “wacky” and fun personas, he is ready and willing to be active with his new wedding officiant business. He also can do a religious ceremony or for those not religious, he can leave the religious wording out.

“I am retired so I am always free. Besides how often can you get hitched by the Colonel! Elvis on the strip but not Colonel Sanders,” emphasized Ken Juber with a sly “Grinchy” grin on his face.

Ken Juber is ready to make your wedding or vow renewals come true…. even with some extra “finger-licking good” advice.

For more information or for Ken Juber’s wedding officiant services, call him at (818) 472-2949 or by email at If you would like to meet Ken, he will be making an appearance at the Virgin River Times’ Grand Opening as Colonel Sanders on February 28th at 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm, located at 114 N. Sandhill Blvd., Ste. E in Mesquite (By Cloud 9).

* As a reminder: Couples need to get the State of Nevada marriage license prior to the wedding ceremony and must show that the license with matching identification to the officiant before the legal ceremony can take place.. If the license looks fake or if the people are deeply intoxicated or if it seems that one of the people getting married is under pressure or stress, the Officiant can refuse to perform the wedding ceremony and may contact the local police.*

Ken Juber’s Business Contact Info. (Photo Courtesy of Ken Juber)

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