Governor Sisolak announces the end of the mask mandate earlier today, Thursday, February 10th. (Photo from the Nevada Covid-19 Update Press Conference)

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February 10, 2022 @ 10:30 am –

As of 10:08 am, the mask mandate for Nevada directed by Declaration of Emergency Directive 024 has been rescinded immediately. Nevada Steve Sisolak announced the rescinding while in a press conference for Covid-19 Update via Zoom (video conferencing).

However, schools are still under mask mandate until the end of the school day. There still is an option for school districts, private schools, and private businesses to enforce mask mandates if they so choose. In relation to the Governor’s announcement at 10:23 am this morning, Clark County School District Superintendent Dr. Jesus Jara, emailed all CCSD schools and staff, making the announcement that the mask mandate for all CCSD schools will be no longer in effect after school ends today. However, as the email states “but will remain in effect on school buses… Because COVID-19 continues, students and employees of CCSD can make the individual choice to continue masking…”

The press conference started right at 10:00 am with Meghin Delaney with Governor Steve Sisolak’s office welcoming everyone and turning the meeting over to the Nevada leader. Sisolak welcomed everyone and started off by stating, “We have seen a rapid decline in case numbers with a decline in hospitalizations, a drop in COVID-19 in wastewater, and a broader availability of treatments.”

Governor Sisolak reminded all Nevada residents and visitors that we are still fighting the coronavirus and certain mandates are still in place. Among those in the health care and long-term care facilities will still require masks and social distancing is still heavily recommended. Most mandates concerning the virus that is still enacted will concern certain businesses who deal with the handling of food and other “high risk” areas. The Clark County mandates will be addressed with an update from the Southern Nevada Health District expected later today and the management will be overseen by the Department of Health and Human Services.

In accordance with Federal Mandates, there still will be masks required at airports, on planes, on public busses, and on school busses. The masks will also be required at Federal Government facilities as well including courthouses and service buildings such as Social Security.

Governor Sisolak stated they will continue the fight as they will be using $19 million of federal funds to continue to finance state programs for Nevada citizens who continue to battle COVID-19 with no charge, free to all Nevada citizens inflicted. He also made another announcement concerning nursing programs.

“As of yesterday, the legislative interim finance committee approved more than $20 million to strengthen the nursing apprenticeship programs,” stated the Governor.

This money includes pay for current nursing and health practitioners who are currently working endlessly through the days helping fight the virus. It also includes stipends for nursing students who agree to work at an approved facility for a specific time in return for the stipend to pay for educational costs. This includes the recent University of Las Vegas, NV announcement of a program where nursing students are being able to work for local hospitals and medical facilities in return for credit to help with the treatment of coronavirus.

Governor Sisolak finished up with the asking of the public and employers to be kind to those who decide to still implement masks.

“Just as vaccines are, masks are a great tool at our disposal… I expect as we go forward to still see Nevada and visitors occasionally utilizing masks when they are in the public. I hope that in this moment and as we move forward we can remember and to continue to lead with kindness, and to treat our fellow Nevadans and visitors of how we would like to be treated. I want kindness to be as contagious as Covid is.”

The “Mask Mandate” has been in effect since the Governor signed into effect the Declaration of Emergency Directive 024 on June 24, 2020. It was briefly rescinded in partial during May of 2021, but brought back in full effect in July of 2021.

*This is a breaking news story, so it will be updated as more information and data are collected and/or released.

For more information on stats and Emergency Directive 024 click links below to visit official sites for the information and documents:

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