Students and Parents welcomed Teachers to school with some signs of appreciation. (Photo: Angela Poole)

This morning’s surprise was a morale boost for the teachers at Virgin Valley Elementary School.  As they arrived, the walkway to the teacher entrance was filled with students and parents holding signs of appreciation.  Teachers walked and danced down the aisle as they were met with additional cheers and thanks.  Mrs. Silvaggio, a current third-grade teacher remarked, “I teared up a little when I saw them all there. It had been a little bit of a rough week and it was nice to be recognized.”  

The VVES PTO had a treat for their teachers. (Photo: Angela Poole)

Once inside the building, the celebration didn’t end for the teachers.  They were also presented with a table of donuts, juice, and coffee as they attended their weekly staff meeting.  Teachers were heard throughout the day praising the efforts of the VVES PTO and students. 

The hardworking volunteer members of the PTO don’t only provide appreciation posters and cheers; they go above and beyond every year.  In the past, the PTO has purchased school-wide subscriptions for math and reading programs and provided much-needed supplies for the Specials Programs which include PE, Library, Art, and Music.  During the 2021-2022 school year they put on the Halloween Carnival, remembered the students with a small gift during the holidays, and consistently encouraged a love of learning for all students.  Plans are currently in the works for this year’s purchase.  Staff members were sent a questionnaire to make sure their voices are heard and needs are met.

Once a month the PTO meets after school to make future plans. Today, a calendar of future events was shared.  The VVES PTO will be having a fundraiser selling Bulldog Socks in March, a Walk-a-thon in April, and provide support for important events in May like Teacher Appreciation, Field Day, and the Triathlon for students.  In addition, they will have a swim party at the Mesquite Recreation Center on May 27th as a year-end celebration.  

Each year they nominate officers and recruit volunteers to help out with many different activities. There is an opportunity for everyone to help. The PTO or parent-teacher organization is designed to allow all parents and teachers to help enrich and supplement student learning.  It is important to note, there are no fees to be involved with PTO.  This year VVES PTO officers are as follows: President – Josie Hughes, Vice President – Liliana Cortez, Board Members – Jessica Kelly, and Maria Ruiz. For more information about the VVES PTO, you can follow them on Facebook, reach out to VVES, or talk to a current member.  

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