Three Corners Monument-

Polaris Can-am Honda World hosted their 4th annual Off-Road Extravaganza this past Sunday. The event brought together over 50 off-road vehicles for a ride up to the Three Corners Monument. This monument sits at the site where Utah, Arizona, and Nevada meet.

The original Monument was a sandstone shaft and was established in 1870 on what the surveyor believed to be the 37th parallel, north latitude. In 1901, a resurvey determined that the original shaft was placed 1.4 miles too far north, so the old sandstone shaft was destroyed and a new one placed at the correct location. In 2017, the Utah Council of Land Surveyors, in cooperation with the Bureau of Land Management replaced the 1901 shaft with the Monument that is there today. The 1901 red sandstone shaft is on display at the Washington County Administrative Office in St. George, Utah.

The purpose of this trip was not only to get a group of like-minded off-roaders together for a fun day of riding but to dedicate the new flags that were installed earlier in the week by staff members of Polaris World.

Flags at the Three Corners Monument (Photo: Brenda Hankla)

The historical tourism event began at the Polaris Can-am Honda World showroom on the border of Nevada and Arizona, on Old Highway 91. The morning started with all participants receiving a free tee-shirt and a raffle ticket. The staff then served up a great breakfast to over 200 customers. There was a raffle after breakfast and many of the attendees won some awesome prizes.

After the breakfast and raffle, the attendees headed up Old Highway 91 to begin their journey. After a beautiful ride in the desert, everyone arrived at the monument. There was a short presentation by Josh Wilson, which included the reciting of the Pledge of Allegiance.

After the dedication the riders were able to head into Beaver Dam, AZ to have lunch at the Beaver Dam Lodge. Many of the riders attended, but a lot of the others just took the opportunity to have a ride in the desert on a beautiful sunny day.

It was the first experience for many on a group ride, and many said it was awesome. The dedication was something that many were glad they got to be a part of because this Monument is such a great place to visit and keeping it looking its best benefits all future visitors. If you are interested in visiting, Google Maps can give you directions just input “Three Corners Monument-UT/AZ/NV.”

Three Corners Monument Marker (Photo: Brenda Hankla)

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