The talk is all about war with Russia over someplace in the world call Ukraine. Only question is where is that and why should we go to war over it? Some may say freedom but what about a country we know nothing about except for Hunter Biden. Maybe that is the deal, millions for Hunter and just a few American boys and a few Russian boys will have to die?

The only question is how many American boys should die and why? The President seems to love the Ukraine and I guess he should after the job they gave his son and the very fair pay rate. More than most Americans make in a year he got it in a single month. Less than a year and he makes what many Americans make in a lifetime. What a valuable guy, you might think many American companies would be after him. Oh, none.

Anyway, our young boys and girls will enjoy the trip overseas and will meet many new friends. Maybe some will even learn to speak Ukraine. Some locals may even become friends and help us, until we pull out in the dead of night. Of course, we will leave millions of dollars’ worth of equipment that they can sell on the black-market.

It is too bad that they are so busy with Ukraine that they have no time to protect our own borders. The good news is that we do not have to give all our new military equipment just millions of dollars’ worth of wall construction material. It has been said that Texas wanted to buy the material but no, let it just rust away, it was only money.

America is being invaded and the government does not even care. Almost makes you wonder what is the advantage of bringing in 2 million people a year into the country who we do not even know who they are. All the latest pictures show almost 100% young males who are being secretly spread throughout the country. No skills, most do not even speak English. Funny thing is there are signs everywhere wanting to hire people, what are these 2 million people doing?

How are they living, where are they getting the money to survive? Maybe crime, that is up but we the people are not told if the additional crime is caused by illegals.  Some of the crime must be, because by not screening people for entry encourages people who may have a record in their home country. There they commit another crime and are treated much more severely so move and start over. The trouble is, crime is the only life they know.

The Border Patrol agencies used to protect us from those bad guys, now have been turned into tour directors. How degrading that must be for those who protected us? That also goes for the police who protected us and are just crime report writers now. Then there are those that took us into hospitals when we needed them and are being fired because they will not take a shot that by now has proven of almost no value.

All the good guys and gals are almost all losers in America except for the teacher unions and government health officials. What to do about it?  Teachers; show up Monday and do your job or find another line of work, no un-employment check because you left. Health front line workers please come back and your medical history is your own business. Border Agents, close it down and round up all you can, they are leaving. We will hire some real tour directors to help them on their way. Police, you arrest them and they stay in jail.

For all, the new masks that the President has ordered, save them for Halloween and paint faces on them so we all remember what Hell was like. Then trash them and it is time to VOTE.


Mike Young has been writing opinion articles for most of his life, having been published in multiple periodicals. He is also on the Board of Trustees for Overton Power District #5 as the Secretary/Treasurer. He currently resides in Mesquite, NV.

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