The view of the balloon launch from Saturday morning. (Photo courtesy of John Maystadt of Mesquite, NV)

Mesquite, NV –

“It looks better than yesterday,” stated the Virgin River Time’s reporting Balloon Pilot, Kylee Reeder, of the weather.

Hot Air Balloons took flight on Saturday, January 29th could be seen all across the valley of Mesquite. (Photo courtesy of Lila Sellers of Mesquite, NV)

The last flight of the hot air balloons at the annual Mesquite Hot Air Balloon Festival is setting up and about to take place. The weather is currently about 40° F with winds from the Northeast at 4 mph.

“This has been a very successful event,” said Reeder from California. “Other than the first launch being canceled, we have been able to enjoy the rides every other time.”

The flights of the balloons have held multiple residents within Mesquite in awe of the colorful display of picturesque beauty as the weather did not fully cooperate at the beginning of the event, but ended with a full splendor of eye-catching extravaganza of eloquence and entertainment for everyone. On Friday morning, the winds were too “gusty” as the winds were averaging 11 mph up to 24 mph in sudden gusts, resulting in unpredictable winds that, according to Reeder, made it “too much of a risk for landing. Not so much for flying, but controlling the landing.”

Friday’s A.M. Launch was canceled. However, the rest of the launches saw nothing but blue skies. There was some hesitation on Friday Night for the Night Glow and Candlestick Show, but after a delay on Friday night, the unpredictable windy conditions settled and the event coordinators gave approval for the illustrious illumination to begin. Show attendees were ecstatic to have the event fully back and happening after the Covid cancellation of last year.

This balloon was one of the favorites of viewers. (Photo: Damon Jackson)

Saturday was even better as the weather permitted for both morning and night plans to be fulfilled. The morning show was delayed approximately an hour, but the wait was well worth it as the balloons enraptured the souls of everyone for miles. Social media flooded with pictures and videos of people who were both at the event or nearby could see the vibrant visual display for miles. The Night Glow on Saturday was the only event to start on time this year, providing children and adults with smiles.

Look to the skies as the balloons are in the sun’s spotlight for this year’s Mesquite Hot Air Balloon Festival’s last flight.

This is the last event until next year’s Balloon Festival:


Friday: Low Temp – 27° F, High Temp – 56° F, Wind – average 9-11 mph with gusts up to 24 mph.

Saturday: Low Temp – 24° F, High Temp – 55° F, Wind – average 5-9 mph with gusts up to 15 mph.

Sunday, Predicted: Low Temp – 29° F, High Temp – 60° F, Wind – average 5-9 mph with gusts up to 12 mph.



Also, the Virgin River Times is putting together a page on their site that will be dedicated to all of the photographs and pictures that was taken by community members, the community members will be able to send in their pictures by email to or going to their Facebook page and sending them in by messaging. The page will be released on Monday morning for everyone in the community to see. The pictures will be posted with credits for the photographs will be given to the community members who submitted them and took the pictures.

***If you missed all the glitz and glamour of the Mesquite Hot Air Balloon Festival, next weekend there is a one-day SkyFest at Sand Hollow Resort in Hurricane, Utah on February 5th starting at 7:30 pm. It is approximately 45-minute drive away.


This article will be updated as information and news are received.


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