The AZDPS Western Air Rescue Helicopter landed in the Gorge to pick up an injured climber yesterday.

(Photo courtesy of Mohave County Sheriff’s Office Search & Rescue)

Virgin River Gorge, Arizona Strip, AZ –

Yesterday, January 29th, at about 4:00 pm, the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office received notice that a male climber had fallen and needed help, according to a social media release by the Mohave County Sheriff’s Search And Rescue at about 9:00 am today, Sunday, January 30th.

Mohave County and Washington County Search & Rescue Teams provide first aid to an injured climber in the Virgin River Gorge yesterday. (Photo courtesy of Mohave County Sheriff’s Office Search & Rescue)

According to the Mohave County social media release, the “notification” came “from a Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) with a message that a 47-year-old male climber had fallen about 60 feet with injuries and needed help.”

Along with the message were some details of the hiker’s location of being south of the Virgin River Gorge in a slot canyon on the Arizona Strip. The Mohave County Sheriff’s Office put their Search and Rescue on the call and responded to the location. The media release relayed the information that due to the remoteness of the location of the hiker and the seriousness of his injuries, Mercy Air was dispatched to send a helicopter. Along with Mercy Air, Arizona Department of Public Safety Western Air Rescue also responded from Kingman, Arizona.

Also reported to the scene and critical in providing first aid until the fall victim could be transported was Washington County Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue out of Southern Utah. Both Search and Rescue Teams helped carry the climber about 100 feet to the AZDPS helicopter. “He was loaded cross cabin and then transferred to a staging area where the Mercy Air helicopter transported him to the hospital for further care of his injuries. Other agencies that assisted in the rescue were Beaver Dam Fire, the Arizona Department of Transportation, and a Trooper with the Arizona Department of Public Safety.

The rescue resulted in a temporary shut down of I-15 with slow traffic afterward while the victim was loaded onto the helicopter.

Mohave County Sheriff’s Office relayed thanks to all those involved in the rescue, including Washington County Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue.

“Great job by everyone,” stated the social media release.

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