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UPDATE, SUNDAY, JANUARY 30TH, 7:55 PM – The last launch of the 2022 Mesquite Hot Air Balloon Festival has happened.

UPDATE, SATURDAY, JANUARY 29TH, 6:00 PM – Night Glow started on time.

UPDATE, SATURDAY JANUARY 29TH @ 8:30 AM – Balloons are inflated and taking off! Enjoy the view!

UPDATE, SATURDAY JANUARY 29th @ 7:40 PM – A.M. Launch delayed, but happening! Set-ups and prepping taking place.

UPDATE: Saturday, January 29th at @7:30 pm, the balloons are still sitting inside trailers as the pilots and event staff coordinators are still waiting for better winds. Launch uncertain.

UPDATE: Friday, January 28th, 5:20 pm – The P.M. Launch is on schedule and is going to happen! The Night Glow and Candlestick Show will happen at 6:00 pm.

UPDATE: Friday, January 28th, 9:00 am- The A.M. Launch was canceled due to high winds. The event staff and balloon pilots will reevaluate around 5:00 pm and see if the Night Glow and Candlestick Show Launch will proceed as planned.

Original Article:

Kylee Reeder, the Balloon Pilot from Smartsville, California has reported the Mesquite Hot Air Balloon Festival Night Glow and Candlestick Show is on course to start on tonight to start on time. “The weather is amazing! We are setting up now!”

At the moment there are over half a dozen setting up at approximately 5:22 pm, on Saturday, January 29th. The event will be another great show as the Night Glow last night was outstanding and left the event attendees satisfied and happy. The event is scheduled to start at 6:00 pm and already is gathering a crowd with balloons from all over the Western United States and even one from Canada.

“The Desert Drifter” was lit up Friday night for the Night Glow and Candlestick Show. (Photo courtesy of Kylee Reeder)

The rest of the schedule is as follows:


*6:00- 7:00 P. M- NIGHT GLOW- CANDLESTICK SHOW-Free Admission, All Ages (CasaBlanca Resort and Casino- Southwest parking lot under resort video marquee sign)

*Balloon Launch time is approximate and dependent on weather conditions


*7:30 A.M MORNING LAUNCH – Free Admission, All Ages- Oasis Resort Parking Lot (Across from CasaBlanca Resort and Casino)

*Balloon Launch time is approximate and dependent on weather conditions


Also, the Virgin River Times is putting together a page on their site that will be dedicated to all of the photographs and pictures that was taken by community members, the community members will be able to send in their pictures by email to or going to their Facebook page and sending them in by messaging. The page will be released on Monday morning for everyone in the community to see. The pictures will be posted with credits for the photographs will be given to the community members who submitted them and took the pictures.


This article will be updated as information and news is received.


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