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The Nonprofit Organization, Mesquite Works! celebrated the finished renovation of three suites in the Mesquite Plaza at 312 W. Mesquite Blvd. The three suites are #114, #115, #116 have been fully remodeled with new paint jobs, new carpet, and just about everything else new.

Burton Weast, Mesquite Works! Co-founder and Director, was elated with the end result. “It is so exciting to have this and we are very happy with the end result. This place is a real asset to the city.”

The Virgin River Times, along with Judith Sargent and Carlito Sanchez of the Las Vegas Clark County Library District, was given a tour of the gorgeous set-up by Weast and the other Co-founder of Mesquite Works! George Gault. The suites are at the Southwest part of the plaza which also houses the well-known Los Lupes Mexican Restaurant. The renovated suites at one time were a church known as Pentecostals of Mesquite.

Everyone on the tour was very impressed with the professional elegance of the remodeling and was able to find out the future plans of the use of the spaces which include computers, instruction workshops in job skills, tutoring, professional speakers and presenters, and so much more. Along with that includes a laptop cart with laptops, a culinary program, photography instruction, resume building, and plans of offering the residents of Mesquite the opportunities to learn from professionals in every possible career that they can provide.

Mesquite Works! Co-founders George Gault (Left) and Burton Weast (Right) pose for a picture in the newly remodeled center. (Photo: YoshiYama Photography)

“We are looking at becoming the best source in Southern Nevada for people, especially the youth in learning how to get into a professional career that they enjoy and in becoming self-sufficient,” stated Weast.

Mesquite Works! was created back in 2015 by Weast and Gault in providing resources to build a better and more qualified workforce in the Mesquite area. The mission of the 501C-3 nonprofit organization is “to provide training opportunities for job seekers and businesses of the Virgin and Moapa Valleys of southern Nevada and the Arizona Strip communities of Beaver Dam, Scenic and Littlefield. This will include, but not limited to assessments, counseling, individual planning, resources, tools and training that lead to meaningful employment and self-sufficiency at a living wage.”

The nonprofit has grown to include partnerships with multiple businesses within the Mesquite and Moapa Valley communities as well as out in Littlefield, AZ. They also have secured a cooperative relationship with the College of Southern Nevada, Workforce Training. They also have partnerships with Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance, Crown (which makes aluminum cans), Hawaiian Food Trucks, and 21st Century. One of the partnerships included Rick Anderson, local construction guru, who heads over the Nevada Residential Construction programs. Trent Graves was present during the tour as a representative of Rick Anderson.

“We are so pleased to be able to provide the work on this area for the Mesquite Works!,” said Graves. “This is most important and needed for Mesquite.”

Nevada Residential Construction, LLC. provided all of the work free. George Gault was extremely grateful for the assistance.

Suite 114 is newly remodeled and sits empty at moment but will be full with proper equipment needed to help fulfill Mesquite Works! mission.

“We have been very blessed by this community,” said Gault. “This community has been very supportive of our purpose and goals.”

Besides the three suites being renovated, suites 117-121 were in the process of being cleaned up and renovated to add more space for the Mesquite Works! organization. The financial help was coming from a STEM grant received and the Frias Foundation Trust. The Frias Foundation Trust are the owners of the plaza and have turned the control of the plaza over to Mesquite Works! with the current rent obtained from all business occupants benefiting and supporting Mesquite Works! Also the STEM program, a federal program for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, including Computer Science falls under the US Department of Education and provides financial resources to nonprofits that help ensure “our nation’s youth are prepared to bring knowledge and skills to solve problems, make sense of information, and know how to gather and evaluate evidence to make decisions.”

“We figure to first get the 3 suites done and get organized, then move on down,” said Weast of the future plans of adding more space for Mesquite Works!

Along with the renovation of the inside of the suites, George Gault was happy to announce the renovation of the exterior of the whole plaza, also known as Bulldog Plaza. The plans have been proposed and a Design firm has done sketches of what the finished product will be like. The businesses currently there will still be there, however Gault explained “some of them will be switching to a next door suite, but primarily be in the same place.”

Gault explained that the suites are each about 1,000 square feet, with a couple that are 2,000 square feet. The whole plaza is just under 36,000 square feet. The remodeling is hoping to start during February of this year and will include some landscaping and parking lot renovation besides the exterior of the building. The finishing date of the exterior remodeling is unknown at the moment.

“We are really excited about potential change we can help bring to kids’ lives in what they can do in a career,” stated George Gault.

The remodeling of the project is being backed by the City of Mesquite along with the Frias Foundation Trust and has had the design proposed finished project architectural sketches done by CRSA out of St. George, Utah and one of the offices of the Salt Lake Company that has designed or renovated some of the most notable buildings in Utah including on the campuses of University of Utah, Utah Valley University, Utah State University, and the Unified State Laboratory which houses the a well-known State Crime Lab.

For more information about Mesquite Works! visit their Website @ You can also visit their Facebook Page @ Phone is (702) 613-0699. They also run a Facebook Page titled “Mesquite Nevada Jobs” which employers post open positions needed to fill. This can be found at

One of the architectural sketches of the proposed renovations for Mesquite Plaza. (CRSA, courtesy of George Gault).
One of the architectural sketches of the proposed renovations for Mesquite Plaza. (CRSA, courtesy of George Gault).
One of the architectural sketches of the proposed renovations for Mesquite Plaza. (CRSA, courtesy of George Gault).

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