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UPDATE, SUNDAY, JANUARY 30TH, 7:55 PM – The last launch of the 2022 Mesquite Hot Air Balloon Festival has happened.

UPDATE, SATURDAY, JANUARY 29TH, 6:00 PM – Night Glow started on time.

UPDATE, SATURDAY JANUARY 29TH @ 8:30 AM – Balloons are inflated and taking off! Enjoy the view!

UPDATE, SATURDAY JANUARY 29th @ 7:40 PM – A.M. Launch delayed, but happening! Set-ups and prepping taking place.

UPDATE: Saturday, January 29th at @7:30 pm, the balloons are still sitting inside trailers as the pilots and event staff coordinators are still waiting for better winds. Launch uncertain.

UPDATE: Friday, January 28th, 5:20 pm – The P.M. Launch is on schedule and is going to happen! The Night Glow and Candlestick Show will happen at 6:00 pm.

UPDATE: Friday, January 28th, 9:00 am- The A.M. Launch was canceled due to high winds. The event staff and balloon pilots will reevaluate around 5:00 pm and see if the Night Glow and Candlestick Show Launch will proceed as planned.

Original Article: 

Just announced, at approximately 5:20 pm, the individual balloon crews of the Mesquite Hot Air Balloon Festival have started laying out the fabric and prepping the hot air balloons to launch for the P.M. Launch for the Night Glow and Candlestick Show which starts at 6:00 pm, Friday January 28th, 2022.

Hot Air Balloons Tech crews are starting to lay out the balloons and getting ready to launch for the Night Glow and Candlestick Show. (Photo: Kylee Reeder)

“Glow is about to happen,” reported Kylee Reeder, a balloon pilot from Smartsville, California. “It’s been hard hoping Mother Nature works out. We are all anxious to fly.”

The excitement is starting to build and the pilots are getting hyped up to take to the air. The Night Glow Show is a free show which will take place all tonight and tomorrow night, Saturday, at same time, approximately 6:00 pm. It involves glow sticks, glow paints, and candlesticks to produce a fun, visionary illumination performance in the night.

The A.M Launch was cancelled after the event coordinators, staff, and attending balloon pilots all decided it was too dangerous to fly with the wind gusts that ranged from 11 mph to 24 mph. It was decided it was okay to fly in but not good for landing.

The show starts in about half hour at approximately 6:00 pm, so hurry on down to the Oasis Resort Lot which is across from the CasaBlanca Resort and Casino at 950 W. Mesquite Blvd.

More information will follow as it is reported.

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