Just under 90 youth performed dance routines during halftime on Saturday, January 22nd.

Mesquite, NV –

The stands were full with impatient parents and fans of the new “honorary” VV-ettes, as about ninety youth got to experience the spotlight for a day. These youth got to perform Mini-Drills dance routines for the crowd at the Virgin Valley High School new gym during the halftime of the Boy’s Basketball Game on Saturday. The game started at about 11:00 am, starting late from its scheduled time of 10:30 due to the girl’s game going in overtime.

The youth had been practicing since Wednesday every day learning routines for small dances put together for the entertainment. The ages of the youth varied from 3 years old on up to teens in 8th grade. Each routine was about a minute or less in length but each one brought smiles to each person in the crowd. The youth were split into multiple groups based upon age and gender.

The first group performing was the 3-5 year-old girls who put on one energetic performance as some showed expressions of amazement at the size of the crowd. Afterwards were the 1st-3rd Grade Girls, followed by the 4th-5th Grade Girls, and then last of the girls groups was the 6th-8th grade dancers. The conclusion were the 2 that brought down the house with cheers of praise. The boys group involved two that had the crowd standing.

Luke West gets down for the halftime of the Bulldogs Basketball game on Saturday afternoon.

After the Mini-Drills parents and fans had flowers for their “tiny dancers” and hugs for all. The response was amazement and event the basketball players from both teams who caught the end were jamming out cheering on the youth and their moves.

As one of the best attended games for the high school basketball teams, the Mini-Drills put on by the VVHS VV-ettes was positive results for everyone.

“These kids worked hard and practiced every night for the week and did a great job,” said VV-ettes Head Coach Erica Garrett.

The fundraiser which was to help raise the funds for costuming and performance essential needs for the VV-ettes was a huge success as they were able to raise approximately $2,000 from the efforts of the VV-ettes and the youth.

“The VV-ettes are very appreciative for those youth who participated, parents who helped, and anyone who filled in the missing pieces so this fundraiser excelled,” said Garrett.

The VV-ettes move on to finishing out the winter sports game performances and as well have two major competitions coming up. The first one is March 4-5th and second is the following weekend on March 11-12th.


As for the basketball games, both were heavily contested with the girls basketball team coming from behind and winning in Overtime 66-59 while the boys lost a heartbreaker in the last couple of minutes 48-54, both playing Somerset Academy Losee Lions of Las Vegas.

Girls of Mesquite area had fun performing for the huge crowds.
The “Honorary” VV-ettes line up before performing for a group photo.









More Photos from the Event:

VV-ettes Mini-Drills Photos

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