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What better way to start off the Virgin River Times Weird News than with the original God of Weirdness…. Weird Al Yankovic.

On January 18th, the original parody artist made a tweet that sparked world interest. The tweet done at 6: 00 am, just simply said “So… I’m making a movie.” Weird Al announced he was making a movie, but just not a music video…. However, it is set to be a full theater movie and almost immediately followers and fans began to ask if it would be a sequel to UHF. As time went on through the day, Weird Al began to release more information to the media and press as well through social media.

It became apparent later in the morning the film would be a biopic about the God of Weirdness himself. The company Roku which will be backing the project under its streaming services while the film will be produced by Tango and Funny or Die, which has been producing his latest music videos. Though this was massive movie news, it was the announcement of the actor who will play the parody king in the titled film “Weird: The Al Yankovic Story”. The actor announced was none other than the star who made the fantasy world of Harry Potter come to life… Daniel Radcliffe.

Radcliffe has been known to do roles that put a challenge and contrary to the past role of the “goody” Harry Potter. He brought about some controversy when he appeared nude in the play “Equus” in 2007 that brought about some “upset” media releases from Warner Bros. Executives to try and preserve the “Harry Potter” image.

Weird Al Yankovic, born Alfred Matthew Yankovic, has been at the forefront of controversy throughout his career, but he has reaped the rewards of it, as well as the fame and favoritism of celebrities. The musician has won 5 Grammy awards with 11 nominations, four gold records, six platinum records, as well as musicians finding it an honor for him to parody their songs. Early on in his career he parodied Michael Jackson and Madonna, but has gone on to a career of over forty years making fun of top music hits from such singers as Miley Cyrus, Chamillionaire, and more.

In fact, it was known that the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, absolutely loved Weird Al’s parodies of his songs. Some of Weird Al’s biggest hits were “Eat it” and “Fat” which were based off of Jackson’s “Beat it” and “Bad.”

Other weird news related to this is that Weird Al Yankovic announced in 1989 when he released the cult classic “UHF” movie, he would not make another movie until 33 years later. Ironically, like clockwork, this announcement and release of this movie comes exactly 33 years when from that year.

The movie will be starting production in early February and is a major move from Roku to try and keep up with more notoriety leaders of streaming, Hulu and Netflix. No release date has been announced yet.

As pertaining to Radcliffe playing him, Weird Al stated ““I have no doubt whatsoever that this is the role future generations will remember him for….. I am absolutely thrilled Daniel Radcliffe will be portraying me in the film.”


Daniel Radcliffe known as “Harry Potter” for his earlier roles will be portraying the ultimate parody artist, Weird Al Yankovic in a biopic to be released this year. (picture of Radcliffe from professional portrait released to public, picture of Weird Al from movie UHF).

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