Mesquite, NV –

Sunday marked the first day of regular services at the new home of the long time Mesquite based church. The church had been located on Hardy way for many years but as their attendance grew the site became too small. Looking for a larger site, the church weighed many options and even bid on a few buildings. Unfortunately, none of the possibilities worked out until the City of Mesquite proposed a trade for their long time under used Arcon building.

The Arcon building located at 830 Hafen Lane, began life as a medical center for the fast-growing Mesquite area. However, with the growth came the new Mesa View hospital and the medical center became surplus. Over the years a few renters set up offices but the building was long time under used. When the leaders at First Baptist looked over the property it fit their needs however, it was configured as medical offices and exam rooms.

After long time negotiations the Church and the City reached an agreement and a deal was struck in 2020. So, in 2021 the church began re-modeling the Arcon building, but what a job it was. Members of the church did an incredible job on the building. Of course, Contractors were called in and a year later after they started the new building was ready. Or almost ready as several portions remain to be developed but the offices and sanctuary were ready.

Last Sunday, January the 16th, over 170 people attended the first service. They were treated to beautiful praise music, a warm and friendly welcome and a sermon delivered by both the long time Pastor Bill Stevenson and the new kid on the Block, Justin Mosher. Brother Justin, just joined the staff last year and has been a great addition.

Members of the First Baptist Church of Mesquite enjoy their new place of worship.

Visitors numbered 27 and they were treated to coffee from the new Holy Grounds coffee shop area. The service was highlighted by the theme “What will We do in 2022? The new church has a new and much improved sound and visual system. They expect to use these new systems to go online next week for people who can’t attend and others throughout the world who have been tuning in to their weekly telecast. It was a great day of celebration enjoyed by all, even the volunteers.

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