Shown below is the favorites of the Mesquite Motor Mania which took place during the weekend of January 14 and 15, 2022. These were picked and photographed by Virgin River Times photographer/reporter Jason Andrus:

  1. Best Off-Roading Classic Vehicle:
    This yellow beauty drew a lot of looks of admiration for it’s “monster” potential for off-roading and the country lifestyle.
  • Best “Under the Hood” Vehicle 
    This cool car had it all under the hood (as well as rest of the car cover). People couldn’t help but salivate over the appeal.
  • Best “Cool Cruiser” Vehicle
    This was so crazy and abnormal that it was good and would be the ultimate to cruise in. This was no doubt a favorite among attendees.
  • Best Ultimate Classic Vehicle
    The ultimate classic truck was plain and simple but so wonderfully classic and sweet, that we would love to own this one. It drew multiple acclamation from the crowds.
  • Best “Roaring to Life” Vehicle


    This hot rod had the cool dragster looks as well as the roaring of the engine that brought life into the listeners nearby through body quivers.


Congratulations to Mesquite Gaming (Casablanca and Virgin River Casinos) for the outstanding event and being such a gracious host for an event that Mesquite was so happy to have again.

Article about the event coming here at The Virgin River Times soon. For more information contact Mesquite Gaming by clicking on their website:


*The choices for this article are based on opinion and are just choices done by the employees of the Virgin River Times. It does not convey that everyone felt the same way.

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