Mesquite Mayor Al Litman gives his endorsement to Sam Peters for Nevada Congressional 4th District.

Mesquite, NV-

Friday night at the 1880 Grille located at the Conestoga Golf Course in Sun City subdivision in Mesquite, Nevada, Mesquite Mayor Al Litman gave his full endorsement to Sam Peters who is running for Nevada Congressional District 4. The endorsement was given at the event “Frothy Freedom Happy Hour” which was organized and put on by Sam Peters and his campaign.

“I don’t give out endorsements very quickly,” stated Mayor Litman. “People got to meet certain criteria before I even consider.”

Mayor Litman went on to list the criteria that Peters meets which included being a family man, ex-military, belonging to Veterans & Politics, having a world background, and being a very “solid” choice.

“I know Sam…. and what I know about this young man, there isn’t an issue endorsing him whatsoever,” said Mayor Litman. I’m in 100%!”

Then turning to Peters, Mayor Litman continued… “You got it! You got it!”

Sam Peters grew up on the East Coast and is a retired US Air Force Major and a businessman who owns two business storefronts of Peters Family Insurance in Las Vegas, a very successful risk management firm. Peters was a K-9 handler and later a support officer which included service in Afghanistan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Panama, and Korea. He retired in 2013 after receiving a “Bronze Star” for his service and efforts in Afghanistan.

In 2020, Peters ran for the Nevada Congressional District 4 but unfortunately lost in the Republican Primary Election. The position is currently held by Congressman Steven Horsford. Afterward, Peters started the Law Enforcement Loyalty PAC. His founded organization became a Nevada State Registered Political Action Group that supports Pro- Law Enforcement Candidates and denounces the defund the police movement. He announced a second run at the 4th Congressional District for Nevada in very early 2021 after receiving a mass amount of encouragement to run from his supporters.

“Early on in this race, I reached out to several leaders across the state and got endorsements across the state,” said Sam Peters. “I am incredibly proud of the endorsement from this man.”

Other candidates for the 4th Congressional District for Nevada include Republicans Annie Black, Chance Bonaventura, Tony Lane, Carolina Serrano, and Jessie Vargas. At the moment, there is an Independent Party candidate running is John Johnson. For many, especially residing in Mesquite, have figured Peter’s strongest opponent will be current Nevada District 19 Assemblywoman Annie Black who has become a well-known political figure in Mesquite.

Also in attendance were Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Sheriff Candidate Stan Hyt and Clark County School Board Trustee Katie Williams.

For more information about Sam Peters visit the following link to his campaign website:

NV Congressional Candidate Sam Peters, CCSD Board Trustee Katie Williams, and LVMPD Sheriff Candidate Stan Hyt answered questions and concerns at the 1880 Grille in Mesquite on Friday night.

4 thoughts on “Mayor Litman Gives Endorsement to Sam Peters

  1. Great pick. He’s a sensible, get things done guy. Unlike his opponent Annie Black who managed to spend the entire session in the assembly and got nothing done, not even one bill passed. Nothing. Then went to DC on Jan 6 with the other insurrectionists. Peters is a better choice.

  2. The problem with Black is she is obviously just out for herself. She was on the city council, then dumped Mesquite for the assembly, she bombed in the assembly then dumped it for CD4 all the while without accomplishing anything for us – the constituency. She has proved she’s self serving and very experienced at being a political loser. Peters however is a successful businessman, a retired Air Force major, a war veteran who earned the bronze star and someone who will be there for voters. Time to elect someone that won’t run out on us.

  3. “Mayor Litman went on to list the criteria that Peters meets which included being a family man, ex-military, belonging to Veterans & Politics, having a world background, and being a very “solid” choice.” Please keep in mind that most people who used to serve in the armed forces prefer to be known as “former military” not “ex-military.”

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