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The Clark County School District released an official announcement of changes in school schedules for the 2022-2023 school year that will affect all schools. The changes came about due to a shortage in bus drivers which the school district has failed in filling the demand for bus drivers. Currently, the CCSD employs about 1,300 transportation drivers and currently serves about 125,000 students on more than 1,500 students. CCSD owns and operates the largest school bus fleet in the nation.

The change will start on August 8, 2022, and at most schools will only have an adjustment of 30 minutes or less. This will impact 65 bus routes. More than half of the school campuses will feel the effects of the slight adjustments hopefully resulting in busses arriving at school on time.

“Getting students to school on time is vital to student achievement,” said CCSD Superintendent Jesus Jara. “The District is committed to maintaining bus services for our eligible students, and maintaining bus services for our eligible students, and these changes will improve transportation service reliability and timeliness.”

CCSD is not the only school district experiencing bus driver shortages. Nationwide, school districts have had the trouble to try and fill positions left empty and struggle to get students to school on time. Throughout last year, school districts have reported students arriving late and even up to hours late throughout the nation. Even CCSD has had issues with students missing the first class (period) due to the shortage of bus drivers. Back in September, it was reported by parents and multiple news sources, including KUTV, that many students were being marked physically absent at school for the day when they were actually on busses that arrived late to school.

By adjusting the start and end times for students, CCSD is hoping to be able to increase on-time rates and improve efficiency through route consolidation. Their biggest concern is ensuring students get to school on time.

Virgin Valley Elementary and JL Bowler Elementary Schools will start at 9:05 am and finish at 3:16 pm.

Charles Hughes Middle School will start at 7:30 am and finish at 1:41 pm.

Virgin Valley High School will start at 7:15 am and finish at 1:26 pm.

To check other schools start and end times click below for the list:

2022-2023 CCSD School Start-End Times

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