Old Pioneer Road in Beaver Dam, AZ. Photo by Brenda Hankla.


Residents in a neighborhood at the end of Old Pioneer Road in Beaver Dam have found themselves in a potential legal battle for the right to use the road to access their property. Several years ago a flood washed out a section of the road making it impossible for residents to access their properties via the normal route. The solution was to make a new road that allowed them access, but it went through a portion of one landowners property, which didn’t seem to be a problem at that time. Fast forward to earlier this week, when the property owner chose to disallow access through his property. The property owner constructed a wall of concrete blocks across the road. This virtually made it impossible for 20 or so homeowners to get to and from their property.

According to sources this closure resulted in school children that had to be escorted home by the local sheriff because the school bus could not get through. Another incident involved the EMS that were called to assist a resident and again, were unable to get through. I am told that the patient was able to be driven to the closure and was transferred into an awaiting vehicle, it is believed that this person had no ill effects from the issue. Homeowners in the area that needed to get through to feed their livestock again, were unable to. This is in addition to the residents inability to carry out normal day to day activities.

Travis Lingenfelter, the District 1 Supervisor for Mohave County, Arizona is aware of the situation and has released this update.

“To those in the Beaver Dam/Littlefield area, Mohave County is aware of the situation in the Beaver Dam area where local access to residents has been blocked. Mohave County did not close the road. A private property owner may have blocked the roadway and investigation is ongoing. Mohave County staff recognize the need to maintain access and is assessing the situation, gathering information and considering options to maintain access; Mohave County staff and the Sheriff’s office are working to resolve this matter. County staff is researching the property ownership facts related to this matter and is working diligently toward an acceptable solution.

As a result, Mohave County has reached out to the property owner today electronically and via expedited letter, offering to facilitate a resolution that is acceptable to the affected parties and suggested a period of time with no action – no road closure while we work to resolve this matter. We have requested and are awaiting an expedited response. Additional details will be provided as they become available.”

At this point in time the roadblock has been removed and residents are able to utilize the road to get to and from their homes.

Concrete blocks that were blocking access to Old Pioneer Road. Photo by Brenda Hankla.

3 thoughts on “Residents Access Blocked in Beaver Dam, AZ

  1. Sounds like the state and the county are in for a massive lawsuit for the Littlefield residence for not having the proper access in an out of their area. Going through private land is illegal however state of Arizona and county should have drawn up a contract for this temporary roadway solution in an out of this area for residence until the damaged road has been repaired or replaced due to the washer.

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