It seems that as the new year approaches it is time to look forward not backward. After almost a year in control of the U.S. Government we have had time to see the new polices and their effect on our country. So here goes my predictions:

Inflation will continue to increase in some areas dramatically. Gas will hit $5 a gallon by summer even in Mesquite. It will not stop at $5. Everything that moves by truck will be affected as fuel prices increase. Food will be one of the most affected commodities. Buy now, everything will cost more tomorrow. Except for Overton electricity which has 3 more years under a staff negotiated contract. Maybe the politics will change by then?

The good news is that the southern border will remain wide open so there will be lots of cheap labor as long as they are paid in cash.  Hotel occupancy will be up as the government provides hotel chains with lots of residents which most speak Spanish and all will be paid for by the U.S. taxpayers. (They have to live somewhere).

Fauci retires as the COVID threat recedes. The new variant will infect almost all and provide that Hurd immunity we all need. The continued attacks on Fauci from the likes of Rand Paul plus new government hearings on the handing of the whole mess will see him fade out. He will be 82, older than even Joe.

Speaking of Joe, we will see even less of him in 2022 as his problems mount. His very progressive handlers will control more but the threat of passing control of the government over to the V.P. is on the minds of all. It all depends on Joe’s mind as confidence in his strength and clear thinking are waning. Pressure on Kamila to resign will continue to be heard and the results will depend on Joe’s condition.

Crime in the cities will continue to reach new highs. The good news is that does not apply to Mesquite as our police force continue to do their job with strong community support. Big cities will become a battle ground as police arrive only after the crime is committed. People will begin to defend themselves with progressives calling for more gun restrictions on the good carrying a gun while criminals do not care what the law says.

The acquisition of guns by the average citizen will continue at an even higher rate. The good news is Mesquite has excellent Concealed Carry classes that train all, but special attention is available for women. While the attacks on single women are increasing nationwide this is a smart move by every woman even in Mesquite, to be prepared.

The failed remote learning will continue until parents and their supporters rise up against teacher’s unions and demand classes or vouchers for all. Vouchers are a great idea and provide needed competition to learning which has been missing. Teachers should not have unions that do not include parents on their board of directors.

Parts of Biden’s Build Back Better will pass congress and become but not the whole thing. (like college loan payback but not all the loan). Taxes will be one thing that passes before the Republicans take over both houses at least then the madness will stop. Locally our wonderful Governor will be replaced by a woman. Unfortunately, the legislature will still have Democratic control but at least the madness will stop.

The Supreme Court will further restrict abortion rights but will not rule against them totally. They will also strike the Biden vaccination mandate totally. But the call to pack the court will fizzle out.

What are your predictions?

3 thoughts on “Predictions for the New Year

  1. I predict that Mike will write more columns about poor people who live off welfare and are just lazy. I suggest Mike watch the Netflix series called Maid. It is a real life story of a woman who was pushed into poverty by an abusive husband. It shows the reality of poverty from the perspective of the poor. It will shoot down every misconception that the Mike’s of the world have.

    I also predict that more and more people will be murdered by guns. After all, people with guns can kill a lot more people in a short amount of time. There will be more mass shootings in schools and other public areas. However, a large majority of the murders will be committed by friends, relatives, spouses and business colleagues. Road rage shootings will increase. Why all the murders? We have way too many guns and people are angry. It is a lethal combination.

    I predict that Nevada will remain bright blue. There is absolutely no way a Michelle Fiore or an Annie Black will ever win a statewide election. Annie Black will challenge Sam Peters and get crushed in the Primary. Horsford will easily win re-election.

    Lastly on the national scene, I predict that Trump will be indicted along with several of his buddies in the house and senate for inciting a coup. I also predict that the Mike’s of the country will send him millions of dollars for his defense lawyers. I also predict that the great Biden economy will get even better. He had added more jobs than any president in history and out annual growth rate will hit new highs.

    Keep up the great writing Mike. I have nominated you for the best fiction writer of 2021.

    1. Thanks for the nomination, I’ll wear it with great pride. Although I don’t think I’ll get the actual award, you might.
      Your right that a lot more people will be killed by guns, the good news is that the friends, spouses and businesspeople will be shooting the bad guys.
      One other point, maybe you have not looked around at the great economy. It has less people working then when the other guy was in office. Unfortunately, it is being propped up by the printing press. Also, why work when you can get government handouts of more than the minimum wage. Yes, it needs to be raised and that would be a good job for Kamila.

  2. I predict that President Joe Biden will remain strong and resolute in his convictions, until immediately corrected by his Press Secretary or Chief of Staff. In an effort to revive Build Back Better, he will demand that Sen Joe Manchin accompany him to a Leggo factory so he can adequately illustrate the importance of such a plan. He is concerned about his sagging popularity and will arrange to guest host on Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy in order to boost those numbers. As the immigration crisis mounts, he has a plan, but his staff will urge him to change the name of that plan to anything other than “Run for the Border” On the International stage I predict he will challenge Putin to an arm-wrestling contest with the winner taking Ukraine, and then challenge Xi to a ping pong match with the winner getting Taiwan.
    Fortunately, the President has his capable VP Kamala Harris, affectionately known in Washington circles as the “Queen of Hearts” to assist him in the complex job of running the country. I predict she will visit Philadelphia to explore the root causes of Wheat Blight in the Midwest, and then on to Chicago to resolve the salmon shortage for Indigenous people in the State of Washington.
    Word on the street is that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has purchased an extravagant home in Florida, and why wouldn’t she, so I’m predicting she moves there when her current term is up. She and her acolytes are responsible for turning the beautiful city of San Francisco into a cesspool, so I don’t blame her for wanting to leave. She reminds me of the lady walking her large dog and pretends that she doesn’t notice when that dog makes a large deposit in her neighbor’s yard. In other political news, I predict Democrats will continue to claim that Republicans “Are a Threat to our Democracy”
    On the media front I predict that the Cuomo brothers will be reunited on screen as they appear in a featured role on the hit cable show “I Almost Got Away with It”. In Hollywood, a very powerful person will be revealed to be a long-time sexual predator, to which Meryl Streep and many others will state that “they’re shocked, shocked to find that things like that happen in Hollywood. Another prediction, or at least wishfully thinking is that Ghislane Maxwell will spill the beans in hope of a reduced sentence on what went on with the young girls and the powerful pervs. Probably some surprises in that group.
    I do agree with Mr Petrillo that there will be more gun violence, For centuries we’ve endured violence from knives, spears, and other pointy metallic objects with no consequences for those sharp items, so in the name of weapon equity I predict that those guns will be released with little or no bail to kill again.
    In health news I predict that the Coronavirus pandemic will wane, leading the CDC to demand a complete lockdown as Allergy season arrives. I also predict that the eminent Dr Fauci will retire to “Beagle Island”, a sovereign entity with no extradition treaty with the US, where he can indulge himself in his favorite pastime for the remainder of his life.
    In Nevada, I predict there will be pressure to drop Harry Reid’s name from our International Airport. It’s not as if the general public was clamoring to name the airport after our former Senator, but as it turns out, “clamoring” was on Governers Sisolak’s list of prohibited activities. Las Vegas International has a nice ring to it, although if you live in Henderson or North Las Vegas, you may feel that that name is not inclusive.
    In Mesquite I predict the city will continue to grow, we’ll continue to be safe, our neighbors will be nice, and the sun will shine most of the time. Happy New Year.

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