Where do I start…let me count the ways; 2021 cannot depart fast enough. Many of us thought this year would have been better, but once again…the pandemic seems to have no end. Hospital beds are filling up to capacity, the death tolls continue to rise, the people committing crimes are so brazen today (like the smash and grabs in retail stores), innocent people are being hit (car and on foot, left for dead) on our roadways; Police forces along with Border Patrol, Rescue and EMT’s across the states are being challenged with a certain element of people that have no regard for human life any longer…not to mention the rise in natural disasters facing our nations today; 2021 has been anything but easy, so a farewell can’t come fast enough.

My hopes for 2022 are simple. People need to reach deep inside their souls and figure out how to help one another. If you see something, say something; help put criminals behind bars. If you are currently unemployed, please volunteer a little time to help someone out; take a meal to a homeless person, if you’re able to assist with natural disaster victims (whether it’s financial, clothing or being there) offer yourself, and if possible…try to give someone smile at least once a day.

Depression is very real among our communities these days; most of us have suffered in one way or another through these unprecedented times. Recognize the signs because having ‘dark thoughts’ is a real thing; it shows no color, no age and is nondescript. If you’re unsure about someone’s health, ask questions. People have withdrawn emotionally and many are no longer watching the news…this is a sign.

Let’s make 2022 a better year. This would mean, if you have a cold or flu like symptoms and are ‘unvaccinated’ (as many are), please stay home, if not for your own health, please be respectful of others. Teach your kids to cover their mouths while sneezing (coughing) and to wash their hands regularly. Have a heart, go back to basics. Treat others the way you want to be treated. This world is on hiatus, and sometimes it feels like we are living in a lawless land today, especially on our roadways. I am in complete disbelief at peoples behaviors today; it’s just sad. Make a decision today that would help make this world a better place for everyone; do something about it. Be safe out there, and practice gratitude every day. Goodbye 2021…I’m looking forward to a better year. God Bless you all and Happy New Year.

Make your New Year count.

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