Christmas is upon us and we are all grateful except for a few Grinchs who will try to steal all the joy. Let’s disregard them totally. What a wonderful time of the year when whatever religion you follow you can not miss the holiday spirit and good will all around us. This is a time for families to get together no matter how far apart they live. If they can’t make it in person the miracle of technology can bring them close.

Decorated trees are everywhere and colored lights dot the landscape. Christmas music can be heard over the din of modern living. We are thinking of others and what we can find that might bring a smile to their face and warmth to their heart. Wrapping a present, looking for the scotch tape and a name tag sticker ends with a smile when you find them all and place your treasure under the tree.

Cards from friends sharing their joy no matter what hardships they may have suffered during the year. Opening a card and seeing a letter attached brings a warn feeling as you read about their adventures during the year. A new grandchild, an older family member passing, all in the cycle of life. All these things bring back memories of the past.

Many have beautiful trees and some do not, some have lights and some do not, no matter your possessions, joy can still be seen on the children’s faces and it is still the best time of the year. It is cold outside yet warm in our hearts.

This Christmas celebration comes from the Christian religion which this country was built upon. The birth of Jesus brought the first gift and started the spirit of giving. It then led to the 10 commandments Which became our legal system. The early Christians were soon joined by the Jewish settlers who brought their traditions. It took a while but America opened the doors to all and today different religions from all over the world are freely practiced. Although not all believe in the Christian tenets, most join in the joy of the season.

Vaccinated or not, you are welcome in the house. Those that have large families and those who do not, all are still welcome. Some who are alone need us even more this time of the year. Families and friends are what make life worthwhile. So let’s all celebrate the Christmas season and the joy it brings. To all and I mean all, a very Merry Christmas.



5 thoughts on “Christmas Cheer

  1. Happy Holidays Mike. When will your church finally open on Hafen? This would be the perfect week.

    1. The First Baptist Church on Hafen will be open January 9. It was delayed by labor and material availability. It will be a year to the day when we had a first service. Please join us all.

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