As we get closer to Christmas, I have continued on my never-ending quest to find the fun and interesting things to do and the best places to shop locally in the Mesquite area. I decided to stop in and check out our local Ace Hardware where I sat down with General Manager Brian Boatwight to ask him for the lowdown on everything from the day-to-day operations to the hottest ideas for holiday gifts. he told me all about how Todd and Keri Leavitt started out with a little lumberyard back in 1986 to help accommodate the building and expansion our budding town. A few years later, they upgraded to a full-blown hardware store and opted to become an Ace Hardware. They have expanded their store 3 times over the years to become what we see today. Very much a family affair, the Leavitts own several businesses, and their daughter, Jessica Meierhoff, was running the day-to-day operations of our Ace and had brought Brian in to be in charge of inventory control. Jessica was not only overseeing Ace, but also overseeing the new Western Tri-State Equipment store in Desert Springs as well. Brian stepped up started to help out in other areas at Ace as well as WTS, and they worked well as a team. Jessica promoted him to General manager at Ace where he works with her handling the bulk of Ace’s daily business so she can focus and more effectively run the WTS, but they still work together running both properties.

I wandered the store earlier while I waited on Brian to have a free moment to talk with me and I couldn’t help but be impressed by not only the holiday decor they had in stock, but the everyday items that they carry. Being independently owned and operated, Ace hardware carries a certain amount of Ace brand stock but has the ability to customize each store to fit the needs of their individual communities. That’s why you can walk into two different Ace’s and they have very different setups. Brian and Jessica work with a multitude of vendors to have the best stock available to us and it shows! I couldn’t help but be impressed with the variety, holding its own against any of the Big Box chains, while still managing to keep the unique intimacy of the smaller locally owned business. With their friendly and knowledgeable staff, they can help you with any project or gift idea you need.
Speaking of gifts, the deals are amazing right now! Just in the tool section alone, they have many items marked down for holiday deals. They have an impressive selection of kitchen equipment, home decor, tools, and even kids’ toys and snacks galore so you can wander and find everything from last-minute stocking stuffers to that perfect big gift that you’ve been agonizing over for that special someone in your life. I’ve personally got my eye on a Craftsman tool chest that I’m pretty sure I’ve decided my family can’t live without. The best part is, it’s on sale through Christmas Eve for almost half off! They also have an impressive selection of holiday decor, including live Christmas trees starting the Tuesday before Thanksgiving every year.
Whether you need something to go under the tree, or you have an emergency home repair, or you want to remodel or even build a home from the ground up, our local Ace has you covered. For bigger projects, their contractor services desk can help you get all the items you need put together on your order as well as put you in contact with the people you would need for projects out of your personal scopes like major plumbing and electrical work. They can also deliver items to you that may be too big or bulky for you to get home on your own. Absolutely amazing service all around! Stop in and check out the deals today, they are open 7am to 7pm Monday through Saturday, Sundays 9am to 4pm, closed Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and Easter Sunday. If you have questions you can call them at 702-346-5277 or stop in and check them out yourself at 102 West Mesquite Blvd.

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