A hard lockdown occurred today at Cimarron-Memorial High School earlier this morning at approximately around 10:00 am on December 15th. The lockdown went into full effect after a fight between two students resulted in a knife assault.

“Two students were involved in an altercation when one took out a knife and assaulted the other student,” reported CMHS Principal Lori Lawson-Sarabyn.

A CCSD staff member intervened, disarmed the student, and called for help immediately. CCSD Police quickly responded. The student suspected of the knife assault is in custody, and the hard lockdown has since been lifted. No official reports of injury, but according to a Facebook post on Las Vegas Emergency Incidents, it stated, “CCSD PD and CCFD en route to Cimarron HS: two subjects suffering from severe lacerations following a stabbing, advising one victim has multiple puncture wounds…”

Parents were notified, and many parents went and picked up their child(ren). Early release is scheduled this week as it is final exams week for the semester before going into Holiday Break next week.

Principal Lawson-Sarabyn reminded parents to talk to their kids about such issues and report any issues to the school using the SafeVoice app, which can be found online at http://www.safevoicenv.org or by calling (702) 799-5411.

Clark County School District or Clark County School District Police have no other comments or media releases. This story will be updated as information about the incident is released.

UPDATE, 12/15@ 9:30 pm: CCSD Police Leiutenent Bryan Zink has released a statement that both students involved were taken to UMC for treatment of their injuries. The one who pulled the knife will be referred to Juvenile Justice pending several charges.

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