Photo by Brenda Hankla

The Desert Rose Baptist Church, in Beaver Dam, Arizona operates a bi-monthly Food Bank and occasionally a Free Thrift Store.  Everyone is welcome to visit either of these if they have a need.

The Food Bank is open on the First and Third Friday’s of each month from 9am-11am Arizona time.  The next Food Bank will be this Friday, December 17th.  Occasionally there are leftover fresh items that are taken to the front of the Beaver Dam Station, where it is available at no charge to anyone visiting the store.

This past Saturday the Free Thrift Store was open for business.  There were a lot of good quality used clothing, household, Christmas items and pet food available. Medical supplies consisted of a wheelchair, a walker, adult diapers and other miscellaneous items. This past weekend there was also some furniture items and 2 bicycles that are not usually available, as there is no room to store these items.  All of the items were free, but you were able to make a cash donation that benefits the programs.

Photo by Brenda Hankla

New clothing items are saved and given out to members of the community that cannot otherwise afford to buy new clothing.  So feel free to donate items that you may have been procrastinating about taking back to the retailer that you purchased it from.

The next Free Store will be on Saturday, December 18th from 9am-3pm Arizona time.  In addition to the regular items there will be an area where children can come and get a free gift for Mom for Christmas.  This is a great opportunity for local children to be able to get a gift for mom when they might not otherwise be able to.

Donations for either the Food Bank or the Free Thrift Store can be dropped off anytime that the either of these are open.  Donors are asked not to drop off items during non-business times.  Items that are donated are available to area residents that suffer catastrophic incidents like fire, anytime there is a need.  You may contact Peggy at 562-305-9975 if you have any questions.

Photo by Brenda Hankla

The Desert Rose Baptist Church services are held each Sunday from 10:30am-11:30am, Arizona time and everyone is welcome to attend. Children are able to attend the Sunday School Services that are held during a portion of the regular service.

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