Someone asked one of our regular commenters what has President Biden done in his approximate 11 months in office, there was no response so here is a list with some of the highlights of his accomplishments. These are both important things that make a difference that many of us see the results in real life, along with some that are far away so we can only hear about results although they may affect us later.

For one, the President opened our southern border to all and the immigrants have come, legal or not. The latest numbers are in and show that in the month of October that 160,000 immigrants were apprehended and sentenced to spend time in states in our country. Through the “challenge” of coming to America, the immigrants are flown free to their new homes, did not have to show proof of vaccination, and finally did not have to prove any health state before being escorted into our country. On top of this, they were gifted with housing allowance, food assistance and schooling.

More importantly, Biden stopped the oil pipelines from our neighbor Canada to satisfy those that want to stop oil production and return to us living off of the natural earth. In the process, he managed to shut down much of the U.S. oil production on Government land (Not really government land but the countries’ land which they oversee for us). In the big picture the President has cut U.S. oil production so we have to import oil from other countries. As a result, we are forced to send money to other countries in exchange for the oil, causing fuel prices to skyrocket.

The most noticed thing President Biden has accomplished was implementing both the mask and vaccine mandates that have done very little except keeping people apart. The mask mandates are a huge flop, the states that implemented them have the same number or more sick people then states that have ignored the mandates. The big push for vaccine for all does not seem to be working. People who have had all their shots are still getting sick, but in the contrary he is making it a priority to make the entire world vaccinated. It makes you really wonder what is going on.

Biden has constantly ranted against “White Privilege” and strongly supported critical race theory classes in schools and military to change things around. He has proven to strongly support any case where a black person charges against white person because it is against the recently established “normal”. A good example is the Rittenhouse case where Biden called a minor a murderer without the facts, but then again it lines up because he was white.

The President has recently shown strong support for the “Green New Deal” which will wipe our gasoline powered cars and replace them with electric cars, which actually cost more to produce and maybe even run. Of course, its fossil fuel that makes electricity, but solar and wind power will save the day. Except another problem arises, where will we put all the used batteries?

The worst accomplishment of them all what Biden has done to the US dollar. Inflation is becoming a real problem in the United States. Gas prices are hitting prices people would have never even imagined them to be. Then let’s add those pesky EPA regulations that stop all pollution of anything and thus stops the building of almost anything except overseas where they don’t worry about such things. This is ruining the U.S. job industry. Say Goodbye to all the jobs.

There are so many other things he has done that there is not space to list them all. Maybe some readers could list some more of our President’s outstanding accomplishments for all of us.

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  1. Mike,
    We must not forget his great blunder AFGHANISTAN, where he directed our military to leave American citizens and our Allies behind enemy lines to be abused and even killed. This one blunder made the US Military and our countries will to support our allies questionable to them and a lot of the American people.

    1. You’re right, I left out one of his huge accomplishments. Not only did he pull troops out before pulling out the people the troops are supposed to protect, but he was able to give away out best equipment and deserted our allies. What an accomplished. Something the generals and white house staff can be very proud of and take with them the rest of their miserable lives. Cowards who get big bucks but do not support Americans.

  2. Can’t believe you left out his foreign affairs accomplishments. Not only was the Afghanistan withdrawal a huge success, but word on the street is that Putin, Xi, Lil Kim, and the Iranian Mullah’s are all shaking in their boots, or maybe their sandals, or maybe their flip flops. It’s also comforting to know that his most capable VP is ready to step in should he accidently get tripped up by her. I mean in her presence, not really by her. She has reportedly told what’s left of her staff that she would like to be President, but the right way, even if it takes 8 long soul crushing years.

  3. Thanks for the kind words Mike. As the only liberal in Mesquite, it is up to me to list Biden’s accomplishments.

    First, he has restored empathy to the White House. We have a president who actually cares for people. He comforts the sick, the parents of children killed by school shooters, the people who lost friends and relatives to Covid. And anybody who is suffering. Biden can and does cry because he loves people. He is a humble man who gives credit to others and accepts blame. The White House is a beautiful place now, unlike the ugly days during the last administration.

    Secondly, our economy is booming. Biden has added more jobs in just 10 months than any president in history. The store shelves are full, the ports are booming, and our country is calm. The markets love calm, not the constant turmoil of the last administration. Biden cares for the workers and backs measures to make jobs safer, to give more benefits to workers, including parental leave. Biden backs the role of unions to level the discrepancy between minimum pay and the pay of the CEO’s.

    Biden actually got us out of Afghanistan, unlike the false promises of the last administration. Lots of talk but zero action. No more gold star families caused by fighting a useless war. No more waste of billions to a country that hates us.

    Biden passed an infrastructure bill to fix our roads and keep us safer. Again, the last administration talked a lot but did absolutely nothing. Fours years and nothing. Only tax cuts for billionaires. No other accomplishments.

    Biden has restored confidence from our friends around the world. Our Allie’s can now trust us again, we are respected again around the world, and our word has weight again. Leaders of other countries no longer laugh at us.

    Biden is honest with the country about the Covid. He does not politicize it like the last administration. He tells us what to expect and what we need to do. He is a man of compassion and integrity. He will never get close to the record of lies from the past president.

    Lastly, our borders are secure. Biden is trying to get kids and their parents back together. The last president only separated them.

    My fingers are getting sore. By the way, I laughed so hard the other day when I saw that someone burned down the Fox Christmas tree. Hilarious.

    1. Of course you laughed at such blatant criminal and dangerous activity. It takes a special kind of person to laugh at disaster. Personally, I laughed when they tackled and arrested the idiot for arson.

    2. The ones I like the best are; that our friends trust us again, who are you thinking of? Our borders are secure, only for those arriving at airports. What about Mexico? Our economy is booming, don’t you mean bombing? Many less people even in the workforce. But he supports the Teachers union who do not want to go back to work but just keep paying them. By the way, he did not get all of us out of Afghanistan, but I know he cares for people.

  4. Joe Biden leads America off

    the left side.

    ● We have a complete meltdown of control at our southern border, with the tragedy of little kids being trafficked as if they were boxes of Mexican fruit – suffering abuse and deprivation;

    ● The drug cartels are taking advantage of the border breakdown by pouring deadly drugs into our country that is killing people from New York to Oregon;

    ● Gasoline IS double the cost it was a year ago, and some people can’t find a gas station that has any gas left;

    ● Employers can’t stay open because people are living off government giveaways of stimulus checks and unemployment instead of taking jobs that are available;

    ● Our schools are still closed in many places because the teachers don’t want to go back to the classroom, and

    ● The Middle East is being burned down by rockets flown by jihadist terrorists from the Hamas stronghold of Gaza.

    At the rate he’s going, Joe Biden will make Jimmy Carter become a candidate to become the 5th President on Mt. Rushmore.

    I admit I didn’t vote for Joe Biden and feared he would lead us off the left side of the cliff, but even I thought it would take longer than 100 days to do it.

    I’m especially grieved to see the great progress toward peace in the Middle East that was achieved by the historic Abraham Accords replaced by violence, destruction, and death as the terror group Hamas fires thousands of rockets toward civilian targets in Israel.

    Joe Biden wants to revive the horrible deal with Iran to supposedly cause them to give up building a nuclear weapon, but sensing real weakness on the Biden team has emboldened Iran to buy more rockets for Gaza so they can try to kill Israelis.

    This at a time when Gaza and the Palestinians could sure use schools, streets, medical care, and jobs.

    Instead they use the Iranian money and sadly, the money you the American taxpayer gives them to buy bullets, bombs, and rockets to kill Jews in Israel.

    To his credit, after a few days of silence, President Biden finally called Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and publicly acknowledged that Israel has a right to defend itself against these senseless attacks on their sovereign land.

    For the past four years, Israel was in the most peaceful period of the past decade. President Trump moved the Embassy to Jerusalem just as he had promised and his team tried a completely different approach to peace which resulted in the breakthrough Abraham Accords, which brought about the first peace agreement between Israel and Arab lands in 25 years. As a result, the UAE, Morocco, Bahrain, and others are now trade partners and tourism partners with Israel with other Arab nations being expected to follow.

    Joe Biden was in government for almost 50 years. Donald Trump had never held any political office. Sure Trump could be rough around the edges, but when you’re stuck in a long line to get gas that is costing you twice what it did a year ago while listening to the news about the violence in the Middle East and the downturn of our economy, you might want to remember that it’s not the personality of a President that gives our nation its strength, but his policies. And the ones we’re seeing right now just aren’t working out well.

    1. John, the treatment of children like fruit is heart breaking, yet it is something no one in government is willing to stop.
      The second is the drugs coming across the border which are killing many, many Americans each year but no one in the government is willing to stop it.
      And as you state, the policies we’re seeing just aren’t working out well. (A little bit of an understatement)

  5. Mike, do you believe in democracy? Do you believe that everyone has the right to vote? Do you believe that a violent coup is the way to change an election that was free of any fraud? If you still support Trump after all the damming evidence, you are the problem. You want to throw away 250 years of history to support an autocrat who would cancel all elections and be president for life. The fate of our country is at stake. You are on the wrong side of history.

  6. David, yes, I believe in democracy but I do not believe everyone has the right to vote. Citizens can vote not illegals who broke our laws even getting here. Where do you get the coup stuff and all the damming evidence? Your right, the fate of our country is in the balance. Let in illegals, let Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico become states, who is trying to take over the country forever?
    P.S. Washington is full of people who live off the people and Puerto Rico is something different from America.

  7. Don’t you and Teri get tired of spewing hate? Look at the other articles in the news site and admit you are a pretty sick guy. Always focused on hate. With Teri giving you a platform to ramble your negativity, she keeps piling up her vicarious liability. It is sad that you are ruining this blog. It could have been something important except for sad old grumpy writers like you creating an atmosphere of hate. Look what you did to the MCJ.

    1. You confuse truth and hate. I’m sorry you hate the truth.
      Vicarious Liability means that I’m responsible for Mike’s Opinion. I am not. I’m pretty sure he began forming his own opinions long before I was even a twinkle in my daddy’s eye and Barb decided the fate of the MCJ, not Mike; he did well for the MLN.

      1. If you believe you are reporting the truth, why doesn’t Young comments on the January 6 riot, Teri? Admit your running a one sided blog to create division or tell the truth and report both sides. January 6 is coming up, does Young (and you as editor) have the courage and the journalistic honor to responsibly speak about January 6? Or are you just a backwater hit blog?

      2. Why would you ask me what Mike writes about, we’re all independent writers and always have been. ONE person was murdered at the Capitol, her name was Ashley Babbit. Officer Sicknick was NEVER beaten by “Pro Trump Supporters” He died days later of a heart attack. The second week of February The New York Times published their “UPDATED” story stating that Officer Sicknick didn’t “die of injuries sustained by getting hit with a fire extinguisher” In fact on Jan 8, KHOU in Houston Tx reported that Officer Sicknick had died of a stroke and never mentioned anything about him getting “beaten” by a fire extinguisher, they didn’t even mention him getting hit with one. That never happened, it was made up. It went on to specify the source of the erroneous report was Gus Papathanasiou, the head of the police Union.
        Sicknick texted his brother after the riot and before the stroke stating that he had been sprayed by pepper spray twice but was otherwise good. His hospital report found no evidence of “Blunt Force Trauma”
        Reporter Andrew McCarthy admitted in his article about the New York Times “UPdate” to the capitol riots that he relied on the initial report from the New York Times that said Sicknick was murdered and but it was wrong and he, along with many others, was duped.

        They are trying to say that Trump and the insurrection was planned but only produce evidence to the contrary. All those texts showed that people were SURPRISED by the event, not waiting for it.

        They say five people died that day. We know the unarmed veteran, Ashli Babbit, was shot in the back by a capitol police officer Lt. Mike Byrd. We know that they falsely reported on the cause of Sicknick’s death.
        We know The medical examiner’s report listed Rosanne Boyle’s death as “acute amphetamine intoxication” AFTER she was brutally beaten by DC Police officer badge number L359. They’ve got that on video.
        Can’t find much on the other two but all the bodies were cremated immediately following the autopsies?????????? DC medical examiner requested the cremation??????
        AOC kept yelling that 10 people were “MURDERED” We know that was an OVERLY exaggerated lie. She called it a plot and demanded the removal of any member of congress who helped with the “plot” but again, all they’re producing are the texts from people things like “I can’t believe this is happening.”
        We know the Capitol Police (controlled by Pelosi) REFUSED help from both the FBI and National Guard.
        We know by video evidence that the Capitol Police Held open the doors while people entered. There’s quite a long video of them actually talking to the first people to enter the building, holding doors open, directing them to other areas and allowing them to wander around a while before the Capitol Police opened the door for the rest of them.

        It isn’t a one sided news site. I have PUBLICLY invited Democrats to include their side but have NO takers. When it comes down to it, Dems are the ones who seem to gain all their information from sitting on their couches in front of the news. When asked for evidence, reports, medical findings to support their narrative, they come up empty every time. The narrative may just as well be “Polly want a cracker?” BUT ONCE AGAIN, you only believe what you WANT to believe. I’ve never claimed to be Republican yet you all keep telling me I am. Can’t imagine what part of “I don’t trust any politician” you all KEEP missing or that political campaigns are won by the MOST POPULAR, not the most qualified. The career politicians are the ones who created this mess over the past 4 decades…now you expect them to fix it? Please.

  8. Talk about destroying Democracy. How about a Russian Collusion Hoax perpetrated by the Democratic 2020 Presidential nominee, members of the FBI, Secret Service, members of Congress and many media outlets? That exemplifies a disregard for the electorate, the voting process, and the norms of how we elect Presidents. Just because you don’t like a candidate, it doesn’t mean it’s OK to go to those disgusting lengths to remove a person. Politics are 100% personal opinion. There is absolutely no right or wrong, just what you think. The inability to accept what the majority of people thought and voted for says more about those dissatisfied voters than it does the former President.
    So now tell me to show you the proof and reiterate how Jan 6th was an attempt to destroy Democracy because I haven’t heard it before. As I said, it’s just an opinion.

    1. Wow, you are really drinking the Kool Aid. The Mueller Report makes an excellent case for collusion and obstruction of justice. The 1/6 coup facts are beyond any doubt. Your guy will never get near the White House again. Period. Even the Fox News stars were appalled at 1/6 and begged Trump to stop it. Trump got blown out over a year ago and still has not admitted that he lost. You are backing a dead horse.

      1. The Mueller report found “NO COLLUSION WITH RUSSIA” USA reported “Indictment exposes how false accusations were planted.” This was reported on November 9th by USA Today, guessed you missed it AND the hearings. Trump wasn’t even found guilty on the impeachment charges. But you still insist, even after all the evidence of the conspiracy. Hillary hired Steele and the others to create the coup. It was also reported by NPR on Nov. 12, 2021, “Arrest of Steele dossier source forces some news outlets to reexamine their coverage.” Danchenko was bought and paid for by the Democrats and lied to the FBI about the dossier. The Wall Street Journal, ABC News and the Washington Post all based many of their reports on Danckenko’s claims. Sally Buzbee, Exec Editor at the Post, acknowledged that their “revisiting” contradicted some of the previous reports.

  9. Teri,
    If you think this is anything else but the rambling of an old guy who sits in front of the TV watching Fox news, the repeating what they say, then you are worse than he is. At this time of the year, we should be celebrating the Christmas spirit not sewing hate and discontent.
    Like the previous comment said, are you going to report on Jan 6 or you going to say “lets tell the truth?” People were murdered at the US Capitol and you two got nothing to say? Sounds like this VRT is just a scam to suck in advertising to fill your pockets. How much are you paying yourself to run this newsletter?

  10. Teri, I think you deserve a raise. You provide a platform where everyone can comment including comments highly critical of yourself. It’s unlikely that you, Mike Young, John Thompson, or myself would be allowed to comment on many of today’s topics on a left leaning site, so thank you for your open-mindedness and willingness to let everyone be heard. Despite the criticism to your news outlet, those critics just can’t seem to look away.
    Merry Christmas to you, your appreciative readers, and your critics as well.

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