It’s no secret that I believe in ghosts, but not everyone shares those thoughts. I believe in God and the afterlife, again…not all believe. While I respect the many people which only believe scientifically (logically) in the unexplainable, I’m going to share some experiences I’ve had throughout my life. When the pandemic hit, the world became still. Animals came out of hiding, the skies became less polluted, and one could hear the silence; I became more aware. Shortly afterwards, unexplained things began to happen and it wasn’t the first time.

Dating back to my childhood years, I recall some pretty weird stories told by my grandfather’s niece; supposedly at a séance, a table had lifted and swept across the room. The look in her eyes when she told the story of this unexplained phenomenon was a crazy one; at the time I didn’t believe any of it; until I got a Ouija Board. This is where it all started. Kids like to experience things, and some of us were drawn to the supernatural. Anyhow, one evening my sibling and I had a babysitter and decided we’d convince her to play this board game. We lit a candle and placed it in front of a mirror (in darkened room); 3 of us began to use the Ouija. Not a believer at that time…we asked for a sign, it went on for about 15 minutes and nothing happened. We turned on the lights and the clock was on the hour; then lights out! With no explanation, the circuit breakers needed to be flipped, and the obsession began. Our parents had decided to throw the Ouija board in the trash; but…the trash collectors took everything except this board.

Years passed, and then I found interest once again; I was a young adult living with my boyfriend. I told him my story about this board, so we decided to go to Toys R Us (It was a hot summer night in the Midwest and resided in an upper flat of an older home). After finding one, we decided to pick the one up that was upside down; if anyone recalls, they use to stack their games quite high to the ceiling. Being late that evening, we asked if someone, anyone (an entity), could reach out to show us a sign. We had a lot of laughter that night, until…the doorbell rang at midnight. No one was there; except the disgruntled landlord. We explained to her that someone was ringing the doorbell; which was the reason for our noise. She told us it was disconnected. We decided to pull up a chair (screw driver in hand) and dismantled the cover of the doorbell; no connecting wires, they were severed. This was the beginning of my lifelong paranormal activities.

I tell my unexplainable stories which continue through my life, and those that know me, know these things are true. My own children have seen silverware fly off the kitchen counter without explanation; while sitting in another room across from the kitchen. Most recently, we experienced a ladle that literally came out of an opened roaster and landed in the middle of the kitchen floor; everyone was seated. Halloween, 2018 I purchased a fake, spooky phone from Big Lots (supposedly batteries in it). I was at my mother’s home, where we kept it on the counter for kicks; part of decorating for Halloween. It was a dial up phone, so once you dialed, it rang; and then a scary, deep voice would give way to several phrases, example “I’m watching you” or a creepy laughter would accompany “I know where you are”, among other phrases. So, one evening while watching television, this phone began to ring on its own; we turned our heads quickly to the fake phone sitting in the other room; that’s exactly what happened. From that point on it randomly rang and you’d hear the voices; horrified we put it in the garage, but it didn’t stop. We took it back to Big Lots; the clerk asked why it was returned. I told her it didn’t work, so she checked the batteries; there weren’t any in it. She asked if I’d like a new one…I replied, “No thank you” and we left the store in disbelief. We took a trip to Tombstone a few years back and all kinds of weird things happened at the hotel we stayed at…even taking pictures to prove what we saw; I’ll save that one for my book.

I know that our minds can play tricks on us, but I’m confident that I’ve allowed ‘something’ in my life that follows me; my family would agree. Wherever I reside, unexplainable things seem to happen and at times my family has seen it. It’s a funny thing at times, but last week I wrote about intuition; and mine often speaks to me. It has been countless years of unexplained paranormal activities throughout my life, and I believe if a ‘true’ medium would meet me, they would know there is something going on that attracts this kind of presence which I cannot explain. Two nights ago (while in bed) the light went on…yesterday I was outside, as I walked back in…the television was on (it hadn’t been turned on all day), and while I’m not surprised, I do believe that my ghost is here to stay with me. Maybe that Ouija Board from years ago opened a door of some kind, but for what it’s worth I can honestly say “Life is anything but boring for me.” I have very vivid dreams and I believe in peoples auras; sometimes we are drawn near to those with bright colors or something we just can’t explain; of course this takes an open-minded person to understand some of these existing phenomenons. If you’ve experienced anything unexplainable in the last couple of years it doesn’t surprise me. Ever since the pandemic and the world became quiet…others came out to play. Feel free to share your experience, because let’s face it…we are not alone; whether you believe it or not.


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