On this week’s excursion to find the best local things to do and places to shop I wandered into an amazing treasure trove called Rooster Cottage Consignment Gallery. I got the chance to speak with Carol Bulloch, who makes up half of the owner/management team of Roosters Cottage to ask her a little about the shop. Located at 748 W. Pioneer Blvd. in the Red Hills Commercial Park, Rooster Cottage has been a proud member of the Mesquite business community since May 2011. Carol and her business partner Dana Bulloch were working alongside their husbands who own Bulloch Brothers Engineering. Due to the economic downswing, they had to make the tough decision to downsize their offices. The family owns the building and had offices just sitting empty at that point. Dana found out that another consignment shop in the plaza, the former Connely and Cole, was closing soon. Dana, who loved the idea of a consignment shop, came to Carol to pitch the idea that they take the empty offices and repurpose them into their own consignment shop. Carol loved Dana’s vision and decided to take a chance that has paid off and made both of them very happy and successful. Carol speaks very highly of Dana’s creativity, crediting her with everything from some of their floor displays to their shop’s name and logo. Dana paints, her first two paintings were of a cottage, and a rooster respectively. She asked Carol what she thought of the name Rooster Cottage for the shop and Carol was absolutely charmed by it! Thus, Rooster Cottage Consignment was born.

Rooster Cottage has a very appealing mix of gently used home goods available at reasonable prices. Most items sell for 40%-60% less than MSRP and the ladies are very selective about the items they choose to sell. Only wanting the best quality for their customers, the staff personally inspects and approves all items before they are accepted for the sales floor. They are serious about backing their stock and will go as far as coming to the seller’s home to survey a harder to move piece before accepting it for sale. They don’t take appliances or electronics, but will consider most furniture, rugs, artwork, and Bric a bract that is appealing and in good condition. Their contracts go for 90 days, and if a piece doesn’t sell the owner can come back to pick it up. Occasionally an owner will choose not to come back for the item, and the store will donate the item to one of the local charities or thrift stores. All commissions are split 50/50 between the seller and the consignment shop. Customer satisfaction is very important to Carol and Dana, and it shows. Not only are all the staff friendly and personable, but twice a year in the spring and fall, Rooster Cottage holds a customer appreciation day where they have refreshments, free gifts, and door prizes for their guests. Carol says that the customer appreciation day in the spring is the more elaborate of the two. For $15 local artists can set up a stall for the day outside the shop to sell their pieces that the shop itself otherwise doesn’t have the floorspace to sell throughout the year. Rooster Cottage does have a small gift shop inside that has some unique jewelry, Knick knacks, and greeting cards that are quite popular.
I wandered the shop myself and it is hard not to be charmed by the beautiful pieces they offer! The ladies that work there have an amazing eye for displaying pieces together that complement each other well, often tying a collection of random pieces into a very appealing set. All of the staff take turns setting up displays, and Carol couldn’t say enough good things about the amazing job the staff does and how much fun they all have together. For me, the hardest part would be not buying the entire display since it can look so right together! Most of their furniture pieces are solid wood, a quality hard to find in most modern pieces. While the store cannot move the pieces themselves for you, they highly recommend Desert Moving who will do all the moving, so you don’t have to if you need to get a piece to or from the shop. They keep their business cards on the counter, but you can contact the owner of Desert Moving Jose Silveyra at 702-510-2053 if you need his help getting an item to and from.
Rooster Cottage is open Monday through Friday from 10am to 5pm and Saturdays from 10am to 4pm. They are closed on Sundays. While they have an amazing stock year-round, right now they have some very charming holiday items featured in the store, as well as a selection of amazing smelling candles that would make great gifts for the holidays. Even I couldn’t make it out the door without buying some very pretty Christmas wreaths and a few other decorations. Stop by and take a walk through, you never know what classy, beautiful, fun pieces you may find!

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