Having a so-called hunch (intuition) about something is a very real signal, coming from inside your body and soul. We’ve all been there at one time or another…and if it’s something on your radar, it’s worth tuning in for. Being ‘intuitive’ is the ability to sense or know something without explanations, or having any proof; practicing meditation and thoughts can enable one to hone into their personal skills in order to improve ‘Intuition.’

First and foremost, always listen to your gut (I’m sure you’ve been told this once or twice before); it usually proves to be the right answer you may be searching for; literally. Intuition comes from the deepest part of the memory bank, where subconsciously our bodies recognize patterns and then shoots neurochemicals into our brains and bodies. Often times our own emotions detour us in assessing what we believe to be our intuition, as it partially might be correct…but not in whole. If you sit still and pay attention to your body, especially while making questionable decisions, it’ll speak volumes. Trust your inner voice. Sometimes our minds are so busy we begin to doubt our own actions, which sets the stage for a perfect storm; an inevitable disaster of sorts.

Take the time every day to meditate, even if just for a couple of minutes. Pay close attention to all of your senses; see, hear, taste, smell and feel. Our brains are busy, as they’re being used from the moment we wake up and the eyes open. So it makes sense that when we sleep, our cognitive mind rests, allowing our sub consciousness to play a role in our dreams; at times sending us messages. Keeping a dream journal can be helpful, even if you’re a sceptic; you may find what you wrote about convincingly similar to things that actually happened in your life. Trust your hunches. Example being…I have a fascination with numbers, so often times if certain numbers repeatedly appear in front of me (whether its license plates, even numbers on a receipt or looking at the clock at the same time every morning (it’s weird), I will play those numbers on a lottery ticket; I’ve never won anything substantial, but I having wrote those numbers down, I know more than once they’ve come in and I hadn’t played; frustration for sure. So use your intuition wisely.

Listen to your body and pay attention to how you are feeling while making a decision; hot flashing (sweats), nervousness or even feeling sick to your stomach are all bad signs. Your body speaks, and it could be in ‘stress’ mode as its cause could be in response to a false fear, or … it’s your intuition speaking clearly to you. Take an example from your past; going against a ‘gut’ feeling or making a bad decision, think about how it affected you; what and why you went against that little inkling of a red flag. If you seriously take time to think about it, you will find your own answers (learn from it). If you have further interest in improving your intuitional skills there are some fantastic sites with good reading material, but here’s one that offers a variety of classes; https://intuitionmedicine.org/home/ . Nurturing our minds and bodies can only help us grow in numerus ways, but learning to silence the mind from daily noises…if just for a couple of minutes each day, will help us remain better aware and keep our senses intact. So next time you get that gut feeling, calmly think about why you’re feeling that way, and is it a heavy or light-hearted feeling. We hold our own answers inside, and everyone makes mistakes…but improving on how we learn from those mistakes also can play a part in our very own Intuition.

Make your week count.

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