On my continuing quest to find all the fun and interesting places to see and things to do in the Mesquite area, I decided to step outside of Mesquite (by about 12 miles or so) and check out some of the vendors they have selling their wares outside the Dam Store in Beaver Dam, Arizona. For those that don’t know, vendors can pay $10 a day to the owner of the store and they can come down and set up shop for the day and be part of the rotating Bazaar. We have a few regulars, some that set up shop as they pass through town, and some that come to sell a few times a month. Vendors can sell all week, but the weekends are the usually busiest times with the most vendors, most selling from 9 or 10 am til sundown. From hand crafted jewelry to bric a brac, you never know what you might find when you stop by. We even have a food truck, Red Wagon Eats, Tuesday through Saturday from 7am to 2pm if you get hungry while you shop! This week I visited with a few of our regulars to see what they were hocking.

The first man I spoke with, Emmit Gibson is a self proclaimed hounder. Combing beaches and deserts alike across the country, he finds the most interesting materials to make his unique pieces. While he offers a variety of hand made items and some of his raw materials, the feature of his collection is the amazing hand crafted driftwood pipes he makes, often working on them right there throughout the day as he sells. A friendly, laid back man, Emmit loves meeting fellow travelers and sharing stories. He is from the St. George area, and comes down to sell fairly frequently throughout the week.
The next person I stopped by to see was Mayo Stubbs. Mayo has a true mobile unit, setting up his store right out of his van, complete with a billboard on top advertising his selection. His usual big draw is his pine nuts and beef jerky, but due to a drought he has no unshelled pine nuts this year. Mayo has chosen to expand his selection to make up fo the missing stock. He has a variety of buffalo and elk jerkys from Colorado and Montana, and bags of shelled pine nuts, as well as a selection of mixed nuts and trail mixes all in a variety of sizes and prices.
I saved the one I was most curious about for last. Mike Hillsinger currently has the most prominent set up, with a full workshop in his camper where he makes a menagerie of hand carved forest creatures. While his current feature seems to be black bears, Mike carves many different animals in different poses. All completely unique, you will find two in his stock that are exactly alike. He is currently working on a couple of moose for a customer that even unfinished are beautiful and quite impressive. I plan on stopping back to check out the progress of an item he plans to start after the first of the year that he will be making for the owner of the Dam Store. Mike will be working on it right outside where we can all see a beautiful custom piece take shape. Stop by and check it out, you never know what piece you may find you can’t live without!

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