This is the time for giving thanks for all the blessings we have. For God and family and for the land we live in which permits dissent and free speech. A land that our parents built as their parents did before. A time to look around and see the beauty around us.

A time to reflect on those that first came to this land and shared with the indigenous people who shared with them. To the religious leaders who brought the christian faith and laws to the land. The founding fathers who had a great vision and fought a great war to make it happen. Almost a century of growth and then another war but the result was to free so many of our citizens.

To thank the thousands that built the great railroad to span our country. The visionaries who built our industry. To those who fought in the Great War. Those that rebuilt after the great depression. The million whom fought WW2. Those who were required to become world policemen and women.

To those that saw the value of electronics to free the mind and body. To those that developed the internet that allows knowledge of the world to be at our fingertips and to share ideas across the world. And to those who live here in America and try to continue our greatness and improve the future.

Last but not least to the small town in the middle of nowhere who hosts so many strangers from all over the country and provides a safe, interesting and lively community. To all; Have a very happy Thanksgiving.

5 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Thanks

  1. Mike Young,
    Thank you for a wonderful message on this Thanksgiving Eve. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

    Margie Gregory

  2. Mike, you can’t even do a Thanksgiving column without screwing it up. Your mention of the “indigenous” people and how we shared with them is incredible. We did not share anything with them as they were not invited to dinner. Their chief had been captured years earlier and sent back to Europe as a slave. He eventually came back. The “indigenous” people saved the lives of the pilgrims by teaching them how to grow corn but the pilgrims never invited them to dinner. By the way, Columbus kidnapped many of the “indigenous” people and took them back to Europe as slaves. So much for the absence of CRT. Your “white” history books are full of lies.

    1. How do you know what was shared or not shared, were you there too? I do think these indigenous people were the ones who slaughtered settlers, all across the country. even declared on us. But then again, all the history come from those nasty white history books. But did not white people for the most part developed our laws, our industry and so many other things? Yes we had help and a lot of it but still the driving force was, you guessed it. What ever you white hate, can take a back seat this weekend.

  3. I heard that the indigenous people volunteered to go to Europe because they were trying to get away from CRT and the Democratic Party.

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