This holiday season will be different this year, especially when it comes to what you spend. Increased gas prices, retail and food can have some households stressed…the key to having a great holiday season is to not to get too excited if you’re unable to do the things you are used to. With the past two years in tow, feeling normal for most of us has come with permanent change, so why not create a new ‘norm’ for your holiday season; whether you change what you serve, or go out somewhere…changing things up can help with ‘unwanted’ anxieties. It’s all about making the best of your Holiday Season.

Traditional holiday planners are used to having their so-called ‘rituals’, especially when it comes to the end of the year (Christmas, New Year’s), and any upset for these planners could send them into hiatus. This group of people (making sure traditional rituals remain) are sure to be agitated, because of their adoration for this holiday season, any disruption to their planning (preparations and, or celebrations) can actually cause an outrageous behavior as their feelings are to be believed as ‘under attack.’ Just take a look at the travelers on the roads or in the air today; it’s not pretty behavior.

Making the best of every day should be practiced, but more so during the holiday season; regardless of what some might say, stress is felt by everyone. Try and keep your holiday simple; less expensive and have reasonable expectations (or none). With the barrage of advertisements to have ‘this and that’ it’s easy to feel anxiety and, or disappointments of sorts. Discuss feelings of gratitude among your friends and family; tell lighthearted stories and reminisce about past memories. Remember, laughter truly is the best medicine for any soul.

If the feelings of anxiousness (stress) are overwhelming, please seek out someone to talk to; every life matters. People having unhealthy thoughts or emotional distress can easily happen through the holidays, so be observant to those around you. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, mental well-being is so important today. Psychologists are trained professionals when it comes to emotional behaviors; mind as well as body. If you need to talk or search for one try this link .

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you, and May you make the most of this holiday season.


Make your week count.

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