The story of how people sneak into our country and then require support is a soft point with Democrats. Many have a soft heart for those less fortunate and want to help people in need. Some even think we are the invaders of Hispanic lands. They believe that the white settlers pushed out the Hispanics in the west.

Yet they somehow forget that Spain had quite a conquest party themselves. The legendary conquest of South and Central America killed thousands and enslaved thousands more. The native peoples’ gold was sent to Spain and melted down to finance European wars.

In the New World 3 systems grew up, Spain the controller and looter, the strong British controlled country and the freewheeling, but very week local government in the U.S. Let’s look at the results; tight control and sending the spoils back to Europe resulted in a very tightly controlled government with very little entrepreneurship. Businesses were brought in, not home grown. The people were workers not owners. Government was controlled by a few elitists families and that is the way it was.

In Canada, to the north, the British held on tightly after the American experience and they developed a country that was very much similar to England. Very formal legal system and formal social system. All to the good and producing a very strong government system.

The Rebel! United States was alone and cut off from old rules and families. A young kid with no rules or boundaries. The first time in human history that men and women were cut free and they took to the road less traveled. Laws were few and success is where you found it. They built the most successful and abundant country the world has ever known. Where people, regardless of their birth could build a good or great life dependent on their effort and work.

Some will say what about slavery. This was established by England when they ruled. This was a practice that was practiced throughout the world. It took a Great Civil War to abolish it. Unfortunately, the freed slaved had no education and a low level of skills. So, at first, they were relegated to low level jobs. As the past slaves slowly became more educated and acquired new skills, they began to move up in society. Yes, it took time but somethings do take time.

People look at America and say I want part of that. They come here and some become very successful even beyond their wildest dreams. Others see a system they can use, by working for cash and thus avoiding taxes and still getting some type of government support.

In our country of say 360 million people there is so much wealth that has been earned and accumulated. When our businesses are shut down, we have to buy overseas and some of that wealth is transferred. When someone works for cash and sends some out of the country that wealth is gone. When someone comes into this country and the government has to support them that wealth is diluted. When wealth is leaving or diluted everyone’s standard of living goes down a little.

Some might say, 360 million we can afford more. But wait, only about 125 million are actually working. They are already supporting the government, the retired, those on Medicare and those already on welfare. Maybe a couple of million more coming in will not hurt. But, then again, each new illegal that needs to be supported, the more resources are needed. The worker who is supporting all this, is seeing his family’s standard of living go down.  Are we not seeing that happening right now? They are stealing our country’s future. Two million more this year on the workers back. How about next year?


7 thoughts on “Theft in the night and day

  1. I was wrong. I thought your column today would be all about Kyle Rittenhouse. Instead, you ran an old opinion piece. Why not give your opinion about the guy with the horns getting 41 months in prison while the real criminals like Trump are free. Why not talk about infrastructure? Do you support the Biden infrastructure bill? Will you give Biden credit for doing what Trump could not accomplish? Do you consider Kyle a hero? Would you want your granddaughter to marry him? These are the things we want to hear your opinion on, not old worn out columns.

    1. Yo Dave, what we want to hear from you is; How great Slow Joe is, we are waiting !! How about it Dave, Lets hear the phrase, Slow Joe is GREAT ??????
      Come out of your cave, and read what CNN,NBC, CBS, New York Times, all those channels and newspapers you love, they are saying . We made a mistake with Slow Joe.

      1. John, Biden is a huge step up from a person who still believes he is President. A person who is still trying to overthrow our government. A person who scams people like you out of their hard earned money. A person who is neither a Republican nor a conservative. Only you blue collar types that barely made it out of high school could vote for a complete moron like Trump. Are you flying your Trump flag, wearing a MAGA hat and have a Lets go Brandon shirt? If yes, he has scammed you more than once. He is laughing at you.

  2. This is the most foul and disgusting piece of opinion. You lack the awareness that more Americans are on welfare then illegals. You are also forgetting you can’t apply for federal aid unless you have a functioning social security. (Which illegals don’t have) How about all the jobs Americans do not apply for? How about the families of all the illegals back in their home country? The sacrifice those illegals make to just get a chance to work here. A lot of y’all who blame illegals for problems in the USA, are the same ones who are lazy, incompetent, and misinformed on the struggles illegals make to get food on the table back home in their native countries. Why don’t Americans work in the fields picking fruit??? Because they can’t handle the work, illegals that you blame for stealing from this country are the same ones that feed your table. They are the same ones who wash your plates when you go eat at a restaurant, they are the ones cleaning your room after a stay at a hotel. Be more grateful to those who sacrifice so much to earn so little; just to make sure this country functions. You forget that this country was built on immigrant labor. (illegal or not) Without us this country would be nothing.

    1. And what a great life we’ve given those illegals. No assistance, no home, no decent paying wages. You support a legalized slave trade, not a better life for immigrants. “Let’s give them the crap jobs Americans won’t do…illegals will do it, for paltry wages, and be happy about it. We NEED those people, they take care of US.” “It’s a lousy job but someone has to do it.”
      That’s a pretty lousy argument for illegal entry into the US don’t you think? Exactly how do you see this as a better life…at least back home they had a home, now they live in a tent (If they’re lucky) on the streets. I won’t even go into the sexual assault and human trafficking you’re supporting by supporting illegal entry. This is NOT a good thing. LEGAL entry is a good thing.

  3. Edgar says you cannot apply for federal aid without a functioning SS. The new Infrastructure deal has a provision that the child tax credit of $300 per month per child does not require a SS card so an illegal with 4 children is now eligible to receive $1200 per month. 19 R Senators and 13 R House Members supported this bill. I doubt they read the bill or maybe they don’t care, but whether you agree with it or not it does incentivize more illegal immigration.
    One other point on the Spanish takeover of Mexico. The Aztec empire came into existence as a result of one tribe or community killing, enslaving, and subjugating their neighbors. This is our human history and it’s been pretty consistent worldwide whether it was Chaka creating the Zulu Nation in Africa, Ghengis Khan in Asia, or the ascendance of the Roman Empire. It’s also been consistent that eventually these Kingdoms fall, and such is the nature our species.

  4. Does anyone think illegals are not getting benefits? In almost all blue states, show up, make a mark and walk out with Money. You actually do not even have to show up as there are third parties that will take care of any paperwork for you. Americans on welfare, was that not what it was designed for? Help Americans in need. Yes, some need to be kicked off and put to work but that is a different problem.
    Jimmy, You might be right, we might destroy the greatest advancement in human history because some jackass thinks he and his supporters can “Build Back Better”

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